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Bereavement Services

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  • Phone 0141 287 3961

Attendance at Funerals During the Current Pandemic

The number of mourners permitted to attend funeral services has now reverted to the normal capacity:

  • Daldowie East/West  - 150 seated
  • Daldowie South - 60 seated
  • Linn St Mungo -150 seated
  • Linn St Giles - 20 seated

(Each service room/chapel has additional capacity in available standing room).

Hand sanitisers are still available at the each entrance to our crematoria service rooms/chapels, we would ask those attending to wear a face covering when they are inside the buildings and if you could also note that the terms of Track and Trace applied by the Scottish Government are still in place.

These same conditions are in place in our cemeteries.

What is Bereavement Services?

We provide the burial service in the 32 cemeteries and churchyards within the city boundaries as well as cremation services at Linn and Daldowie Crematoria.

Cremation services at Linn or Daldowie crematoria can cater for all needs and faith groups and there are 18 service times available daily on an hourly basis at each of these facilities.

Arranging a Funeral?

Both Linn and Daldowie Crematoria have chapels designed to meet the needs of the bereaved but our cemeteries do not have a chapel or service room to hold services. As a result, the funeral services for burials are often held at a local church, chapel or funeral director's parlour before arriving at the cemetery with a short committal service at the cemetery thereafter. The choice of committal service at the crematorium should meet the wishes of the bereaved and this can be religious or secular (non-religious). The service can be conducted by anyone and not necessarily a minister or priest. Services at the crematorium are limited to one hour but this time includes arrival and departure from the building.

Service operating times

There are 40 daily service times available at both Linn and Daldowie Crematoria, service times are available between 08.45 and 16.00 each are for a period of 1 hour, this hour includes arrival, the service and departure from the chapel. A further 12  service times are available on Saturday morning between 9.00 and 12 noon.  

At Linn there are two service rooms or chapels St Giles and St Mungo and at Daldowie there are three East, West and South Chapels.

In our cemeteries there are 4 interment services available daily citywide and these are available between the hours of 09.00 and 14.30 Monday to Friday and 09.00 - 11.30 on Saturdays, services may be arranged out with these hours for both burial and cremation however this is subject to an additional charge, please see our fees and charges for details.

Webcasting of Funeral Services

Available at each of  the Glasgow City Council crematoria, Linn and Daldowie, there is a Webcasting service which  allows the funeral to be recorded and played live over the internet.

A discrete camera is fixed at the rear of the chapel and streams the service over the internet for viewing through a secure website and to, up to, 100 viewers. Viewers can access webcasts using a unique password and this is normally provided by the funeral director to viewers selected only by the bereaved family.

The funeral service is available to watch online for one week and can be converted to CD and/or DVD for a more lasting memento.

Music and Tribute Screens

Our chapels are equipped with a state of the art music system that can provide virtually any commercially available piece of music. Whether you prefer classical music or modern pop, the extensive collection holds over 3,000 songs, allowing you to personalise the service to reflect the life of your loved one. Viewing screens also allow you to create a tribute to your loved one using images or videos overlaid with music of your choice. This can be shown before, during or after the service.

There is a fee charged for each of these services. Please speak to your Funeral Director or Funeral Arranger to organise these services.

Memorials - What you may choose

We have regulations governing the kind of memorials, inscriptions and ornamentation we will allow. Whilst local reputable memorials masons will be able to help, please check with us before making your choice.

Obtaining Permission
Before a memorial can be erected, written permission must be obtained from us and your memorial mason will help you with this.

Insuring Your Memorial

It is advisable to insure your memorial against accidental damage, vandalism and theft and to make sure the cover is effective as soon as the stone is fixed in the cemetery. The cost can be reasonable and is usually insignificant in comparison with the repair costs.

Book of Remembrance

A full page is dedicated to each day of the year and, as the days go by, the pages are turned so that the Book is always open at the appropriate page.

Entries can be of two, five or eight lines. Crests, badges, motifs or heraldic designs can be added to five or eight line entries to give added significance.

Please Note: The number of letters per line may not exceed 32 including figures.

The Book of Remembrance is in four volumes. If you wish to have the name of your loved one included in time for the first anniversary please check the submission dates below.

Submission Dates

Volume - January, February and March

1st October

Volume - April, May and June

1st January

Volume - July, August and September

1st April

Volume - October, November and December   

1st July

The book of Remembrance at Linn and Daldowie Crematoria are open to view from 09.00 to 16.00 Monday to Friday and from 09.00 to 12.00 noon on Saturday Mornings.

Digital Book of Remembrance

Improved access to the Book of Remembrance was the primary reason for development of the on-screen memorial, but it is far from the sole benefit. For each entry, as well as the inscription in the Book, it is possible to include up to four additional screens of text and/or photographs to produce a truly unique memory of your loved one.

The kind of information which might form the basis of additional screens includes photographs of the person(s) commemorated, a brief biography, a favourite verse or piece of prose, or photographs of significant places or occasions.

Genealogy enquiries

Glasgow City Archives hold the records of cemeteries and crematoria run by Glasgow City Council from the late 19th century up to 1995. 

Please find below some useful links to help find the final resting place of your ancestors:

All genealogical enquiries can be dealt with through the Archive Section at the Mitchell Library, they can be contacted on 0141 287 2910 or at

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