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Open Government Partnership


Glasgow's Open Government Partnership (OGP) Local Programme membership was announced on 20 October 2020.

As a new member, Glasgow will work with local civil society organisations and other OGP members to advance the open government agenda locally and transform the way the government serves its citizens.

OGP Local Programme membership provides the city with an opportunity to learn from OGP members at the national and local level to advance the open government movement.

More information on Glasgow's membership is available from the Glasgow City Council and Open Government Partnership News and Events website pages.

Further information and updates on the commitments made as part of our Action Plan are available in the following sections.

Commitment 1

Increase Participatory Budgeting through establishing local Citizens Panels

An update on the recommendations for a new model of Area Partnerships and Citizens' Panels was taken to the Glasgow Community Planning Partnership (GCPP) Strategic Partnership in December 2021.

Commitment 2

Explore increased citizen participation through use of Digital Engagement

Information and updates on this commitment will be made available when they are ready.

Commitment 3

Co-creating an Open Data Hub to make information about what we do easier to access and decisions we make more clear

Information contained on Glasgow's Open Data Hub.

Open Data Hub offers a new view of how Glasgow operates - article from Glasgow City Council website.

campaign to highlight the benefits of greater and easier access to data was launched by Glasgow City Council to help partners and colleagues engage with this commitment.

Commitment 4

Increase Open Government awareness and progress through use of social media, websites and direct communication with citizens

You can watch the Open Government Partnership video explaining what the aims of OGP membership are

Find out more about the OGP, its work and what members are doing in different parts of the world on their YouTube channel

Glasgow City Council news story following Committee approval of the first Glasgow Action Plan

Related Information

As our membership of the Open Government Partnership develops we will provide further information and details about the work being undertaken. 


Open Government Action Plan for Glasgow 2021-2023

 Open Government Action Plan for Glasgow 2021-23 [417kb]

Last modified on 27 November 2023

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