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Glasgow City Council

Lord Provost

Who is the Lord Provost?

The Lord Provost is the principal non-political civic figurehead of the city, at home and abroad, with a wide range of duties which include a programme of over 300 civic events per year (with the support of the Depute Lord Provost and a team of 18 Bailies) and an international relations programme which includes commonwealth and international development, as well as twin city links.

The Lord Provost is also Lord-Lieutenant of Glasgow, and therefore the Queen's official representative in the city. In this capacity, the Lord Provost hosts visits by all members of the royal family to Glasgow, and events relating to the armed forces, for example, remembrance day and armed forces day; and presents honours or Queen's awards on behalf of her majesty.

The Lord Provost is supported in all of these duties by the Lord Provost and International Office.

The Lord Provost & International Office supports the Lord Provost both within the city and when acting as our chief ambassador when abroad.


What do the staff of the Lord Provost do?

Their principal duties are:

  • Dealing with correspondence
  • Organising events
  • Organising civic dinners, lunches, and receptions
  • Maintaining the diary of engagements
  • Providing a constituency service
  • Organising civic ceremonies including
  • Organising visits both in the UK and abroad by the Lord Provost
  • Organising events by VIPs to Glasgow, eg ambassadors, foreign Ministers, etc.
  • Administering the Lord Provost's various charities.

Lieutenancy duties:

The Lord Provost is ex officio to the Lord Lieutenant for the City of Glasgow. The Lord Provost's adviser is the clerk of lieutenancy. The duties of the lieutenancy are to co-ordinate the programme for all visits by members of the royal family to Glasgow, assist the comptroller at Buckingham Palace with the arrangements of state visits, "away days" in Glasgow and organise ceremonies when the Lord- Lieutenant is asked to present honours or Queen's award.

International duties:

The Lord Provost & International Office is responsible for:

  • encouraging and co-ordinating our responses to key european policy consultations and initiatives, and lobbying at european and international level, through membership and appropriate networks, including Eurocities.
  • developing and co-ordinating relations with twin cities and other partner Councils
  • managing the Council's Commonwealth and International Development programme
  • monitoring and reviewing the council's performance in terms of european and international activities
  • establishing positive and effective criteria for developing links with key european cities and building EU-wide network partnerships
  • encouraging council services to develop european and International projects and programmes
  • providing a central advice and information service to the council on european and international policy and transnational funding opportunities. 
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