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Collection Days

Bin collection calendar

Check your Collection Dates

If you do not present your bins at the kerbside, for example if you live in a tenement or flat, your collection days will not be displayed.

If you have wheeled bins that you put at the kerbside to be emptied you can check the collection days by entering your address and/or postcode by clicking on the link on the right of this page then select the find address button.

e.g. 231 George Street or G1 1RX

This will show the days and dates that your bins are due to be emptied.

Bins must be placed on the kerbside for 7am on the scheduled day and it is helpful if the handles are facing the road.

All refuse must be in the bin and the lid must be closed. Any refuse placed at the side of the bin will not be collected.

After the bin has been emptied, it is the householder's responsibility to ensure that the bin is returned to their property.

8 Day General Waste and 16 Day Recycling Collections

If your address refuse collection is 8 day general waste and 16 day recycling then please pdf icon view our FAQs [658kb] which includes an explanation of this collection arrangement.

Please note that you will be able to check the dates of your 8 day general waste and 16 day recycling collection in an online calendar, available by October 2019. Please accept our apologies for the delay to the online calendar.

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