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National Re-use Phone Line

National Re-use Line

What is it?

The national re-use line supports community based re-use organisations across Scotland to access bulky items that are suitable for re-use.

Funded by Zero Waste Scotland, the national re-use line lists organisations that accepts a broad range of bulky items in good working order.

The benefits of the service include:

  • A directory of those that provide free collection service for re-usable items
  • Benefiting the local community by supporting third sector and charitable organisations supporting job creation and volunteering opportunities and helping people on low incomes to set up a home
  • Reducing the amount of items sent to landfill.  In 2015, 108 tonnes of household goods were diverted for re-use in Glasgow via the National Re-use Line

How does the service work?

If you have bulky items that are in good condition, could be re-used, haven't been left outside and still have the necessary fire labels (for sofas and armchairs), simply visit There you can search for the re-use organisations that can collect items from your area. You will need to contact a suitable re-use organisation from the directory and arrange for your items to be collected.

What items are accepted?

All items should be in good working condition.  Examples of items that re-use organisations will accept:

  • Sofas and armchairs (fire regulation tags must be attached)
  • Beds and mattresses (fire regulation tags must be attached)
  • Wardrobes, chest of drawers, bookcases, dressing tables
  • Dining furniture
  • Fridges, freezers , electric cookers, washing machines and tumble dryers
  • Bicycles

What items are not accepted?

Examples of items that re-use organisations will not accept:

  • Items which are soiled, ripped or damaged in any way
  • Gas appliances of any kind
  • Bulky style televisions
  • Large wall units
  • Small electrical items (e.g. toasters, kettles, microwaves)
  • Items that have been left outside
  • Sofa and armchairs which have had fire tags removed

Charity shops and other furniture re-use organisations within Glasgow also accept household goods for re-use.


National Re-use Line

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