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Out of hours service


  • Phone 0800 838 502

What does it mean?

The law states that you are homeless if you:

  • have no accommodation at all
  • have somewhere to stay but you cannot gain entry to it (for example, your landlord has changed the locks)
  • have somewhere to stay but you are being threatened with violence (for example, by neighbours, a former partner or family member)
  • have somewhere to stay but it is not reasonable to stay there because of overcrowding and this overcrowding is bad for your health
  • have somewhere to stay but its poor standard means it is not reasonable for you to stay there
  • have somewhere to stay but you do not have permission to stay there
  • are living in either B&B accommodation, a hotel, hostel or refuge
  • have been staying with family or friends but they have asked you to leave
  • usually live in a mobile home (for example, a caravan or boat) but there is nowhere for you to put it.

You are threatened with homelessness if you are likely to become homeless within two months.

How do I get help if I am homeless?

We have a legal duty to help people who are homeless or are threatened with homelessness.

If you are homeless, or think you might become homeless, contact:

The out of hours service was previously based at the Hamish Allan Centre, however this closed on 4 September 2018. All the services based there were re-located. If you are homeless and need a service outwith office hours then:

between the hours of 4.45pm and 11pm

  • single males / females should attend Glasgow City Mission, 20 Crimea Street, Glasgow, G2 8PW
  • women and families with children should phone 0800 838 502

After 11pm and at weekends, then everyone should phone: 0800 838 502

    As a minimum, the council will arrange for you to receive:

    • Advice and Information
    • Temporary Accommodation

    We will carry out an assessment to check if you:

    • are homeless or threatened with homelessness
    • made yourself homeless intentionally
    • have a local connection with Glasgow or another local authority.

    Depending on your homelessness assessment, you may also be entitled to a Scottish Secure Tenancy with a housing association or cooperative, or an Assured Tenancy with a private landlord.

    Please be aware that the Homelessness Resource Directory is no longer available.

    What happens to my belongings when I'm homeless?

    We have a legal duty to protect your property if you are awaiting a homelessness assessment or have been assessed as homeless or threatened with homelessness. This duty includes the storage of belongings that you are temporarily unable to look after. For example, this may be because there is insufficient space within your temporary accommodation to store your furniture.

    The council:

    • may arrange storage space and / or accommodation for any pet
    • may provide this service even if it no longer has a duty to accommodate you
    • may make a reasonable charge for this service.

    Do I need to pay for any temporary accommodation you provide?

    Housing Benefit may cover some of the costs of temporary accommodation. The amount of Housing Benefit you receive will depend on your personal circumstances, savings and income. We will make every effort to ensure the accommodation found for you is affordable.

    Costs which are not covered by Housing Benefit include charges for:

    • meals
    • heating
    • lighting
    • hot water

    Health Services if you are homeless

    If you are homeless or staying in temporary accommodation you can use the specialist Homelessness Health Services based at Hunter Street. These services will give support during your homelessness crisis and then help you move on to use community-based services when it is appropriate.

    Our Homelessness Health & Resource Services run from a purpose built unit. With clinic and treatment rooms, it is a base for the Homeless GP Practice and many of the staff who support health services for homeless people.

    Contact address:
    Homelessness Health & Resource Services
    55 Hunter Street
    Glasgow G4 0UP
    Phone 0141 553 2803

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