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Glasgow City Council

Students and voting

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Students can register to vote at both their home and term address if they are in different Local Authorities.

This arrangement provides students with the flexibility of being able to vote at the address they will be at on Election Day. It is an offence to vote more than once in an Election with the exception of Local Government Elections, you can vote at both your home and term address.

Remember every time you move address you need to register to vote, even if you are staying in student accommodation.

If you have applied for exemption or discount for council tax you are not automatically registered to vote.

If you are a European or Commonwealth citizen, you can to register to vote and will qualify to vote in Scottish and Local elections.

Registering has never been easier as you can now apply online. It should only take 5 minutes but you need your national insurance number to complete your application. 

If you do not have a national insurance number please provide a reason on your application, for example - I am not a British citizen and I have not been issued with a national insurance number. This will reduce the processing time of your application.


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