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Due to COVID-19 all external research activity within the HSCP has been suspended until further notice.

Why do I have to apply for approval for my research?

The approval application process, which includes ethical approval, is in place to protect service users, staff and the researcher, ensure effective use of our resources and ensure compliance with relevant legislation (for example the Data Protection Act 2018).

What topics should I consider researching?

Glasgow City Council Social Work Services Professional Governance Board has approved a list of topics it would welcome further research on, as outlined below. While other topics will be considered, students / researchers are advised to consult the topic list when applying to conduct research involving GCC Social Work staff, service users or data.

While applications to conduct research related to topics on the list will be considered more favourably, approval is not guaranteed since they will still be subject to the scrutiny of the full external research application process.

List of Approved Research Topics

 Care Group



Children's ServicesImproving outcomes for families where long term neglect is a risk factor.


Children's Services

Supporting young people on the edge of care - what works to prevent them becoming looked after?


Children's Services

Topics related to kinship care


Children's Services

Promoting long term stability of placements for looked after children, for example in foster care


Children's Services

Education and outcomes for care experienced children


Children's Services

Continuing care - how should young people aged 16+ be supported to achieve good outcomes?


Children's Services

Aftercare - how should young people aged 16+ be supported to achieve good outcomes?


Cross cutting

Evaluating the impact of health and social care integration in Glasgow


Children's Services

Topics related to family support and engaging with vulnerable families


Children's Services

Tackling child poverty


Children's Services

Improving quality of care plans for looked after/looked after and accommodated children & young people in light of technological developments


Adult Services

Are communication aids handed back re-used appropriately & effectively by Social Work Services


Adult Services

Experiences of newly qualified mental health officers working in Glasgow HSCP


Criminal Justice

Tomorrows Women Glasgow service users who have had their children removed from their care: Investigating the scale of this and the impact of this on the service users 



Investigating tenancy sustainment for Housing First service users



Impact of positive relationships on Housing First outcomes



Investigating Managing support for individual Housing First service users



The effectiveness of partnership working/integration of agencies (specifically via the weekly team meeting)



From a lived experience perspective what barriers and supports have Housing First service users encountered in accessing mental health services?



Service users engagement with support services pre- and post- Housing First


Older People Services

Investigating the benefits of physical activity on the physical and emotional wellbeing of older people


Older People Services

Service users experience of intermediate care


Adult & Older People Services

Investigating well-being outcomes for older carers (age 70+) of service users with learning disabilities and those who they care for


Adult & Older People Services

Investigating the (potential) use of Family Group Conferencing within Adult and Older People Services


Cross cutting

Expectation of referrers to social work services


Cross cutting

How is digital technology transforming health & social care?

How do I apply?

In order to start the application process, you should fill out the word icon External Research Application Pack [94kb]  and return it to

The form includes a checklist of documents that should be submitted when you return your application.

When should I apply?

In order to ensure that you get a decision that meets the planned timescales of your research, you should submit your application at least one month before you need access to our resources.

We receive many external research applications every year.  Unfortunately, we are unable to approve every application we receive for a variety of reasons.

How much does it cost?

The application process is free of charge

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