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Glasgow City Council

Mediation Service

Contact Mediation Service

  • Phone 0141 276 7522
  • Phone 0800 027 3901
    24 hours

The main focus of our Mediation Service is to resolve antisocial behaviour through support and early intervention.

The service is free, confidential and impartial, and is available to all citizens of Glasgow. It can be used in any situation where there is conflict, and all parties are assisted to talk things through and find common ground.

Mediation is a voluntary process and can used whether a disagreement is a few days old or thirty years running.

Our Mediation Service is an accredited Community Mediation provider under the Scottish Community Mediation Network's Service Accreditation Scheme. Currently, it has a 98% success rate when both parties agree to mediate.

If you are having difficulties and you need a neutral, balanced third party, you can contact us to discuss your point of view. Mediation will help you look at ways in which things might move forward.

To refer yourself to Mediation, call 0141 276 7522 between the hours of 9am and 5pm, leave a message with the Antisocial Behaviour (ASB) Helpline on 0800 027 3901 at any time.

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