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Changes to our Licensing services

Advice and guidance for current licence holders and new applicants on changes to our Licensing service

This guidance is for current licence holders and anyone planning to apply for a new licence. It explains the changes we are making to our Licensing services to help minimise the disruption caused to licence holders by Covid-19.

Everyone has a role to play in limiting the spread of Covid-19. Licence holders, including taxi and private hire car drivers, are reminded to follow Government advice including advice on isolation if you have symptoms.

Please note that any issues in relation to the transmission of Covid-19 and the operation of taxis and private hire cars is a matter for the Scottish Government taking into account the medical and health advice available to them.

General Guidelines on Changes to the our Licensing service

Face to Face Appointments

We are not currently offering appointments at our Service Desk.

Committee and Board Meetings

All planned meetings of the Licensing and Regulatory Committee and the City of Glasgow Licensing Board have been postponed. If you are scheduled to attend a future meeting please do not attend.

We will contact you directly about alternative arrangements - where possible decisions may be taken without the need for a meeting.

Submitting Applications

We are not currently accepting any applications but if this position changes we will provide an update.

Guidance for Existing Licence Holders including HMO Licence Holders

Your Licence is Due to Expire

Update: Please note the updated position below regarding the extension of licences.

All licences due to expire on or before 30 June 2020 will automatically be extended by a period of 4 months. You will be licensed to continue to trade over the extended period subject to Government guidance on Covid-19.

Current Expiry Date         

Extended Expiry Date      

31 March 2020
30 April 2020
31 May 2020
30 June 2020

31 July 2020
31 August 2020
30 September 2020
31 October 2020

Applications for renewal of a licence will not be accepted until July 2020 at the earliest. We will continue to review this position and may apply a further extension to licences if necessary. The guidance will continue to be updated.

Guidance for Taxi and Private Hire Car/Driver Licence Holders

Certificate for the Introduction to the role of the professional Taxi and Private Hire Car Driver at SCQF Level 5

Please read this part of the guidance in conjunction with section 2.1

Given the Covid-19 situation, renewal applications due on or after 1 April 2020 will be accepted without the Certificate but there will be a requirement to submit the Certificate within 6 months of the licence renewal application being submitted to the Licensing Authority.

For the avoidance of doubt, if the original expiry date of your licence is before 1 April 2020 you are not required to undertake the training before submitting your renewal application.

Topographical Test

The Topographical Test on 31 March 2020 has been postponed. Please do not attend the City Chambers on 31 March 2020 to sit this test. The Licensing section will contact you as soon as possible to re-arrange the Topographical Test.

Vehicle Inspections

If you have a scheduled inspection you should not attend as the inspection centre will close from 24 March 2020. Please ensure that your vehicle has a valid MOT and Insurance certificate and is roadworthy at all times when in use.

Temporary Relaxation of Policy and Conditions

Update: Please note the updated position below regarding the period of surrender of a taxi or private hire car licence has now been extended from 7 days to 4 months. Also, the updated position where a private hire car becomes 7 years old on or before 30 June 2020.

Where a taxi or private hire car is not being used as such and is 'off the road', the taxi or private hire element of the insurance may be cancelled provided that the vehicle remains insured as required by the relevant Road Traffic Legislation.

Please email Licensing Enquiries to advise if you have taken such action indicating 'Off road, your plate number and registration number' in the heading of the email.

This will be recorded but no acknowledgement will be issued. No action will be taken regarding failure to have continuous insurance. The period of surrender of a taxi or private hire car licence is extended from 7 days to 4 months.

If you have a private hire car which becomes 7 years old, on or before 30 June 2020, the vehicle does not have to be taken out of service and replaced until it becomes 7 years and 6 months old.

Position on the Use of Plastic Protective Sheeting and/or Protective Screens in Private Hire Cars - May 2020

At present, the Licensing Authority is not in a position to authorise the use of protective sheeting and/or screens as a protective measure against Covid-19, in private hire cars.  Before the Licensing Authority would be in a position to consider the approval of the use of such fixtures in private hire cars there are a number of safety concerns that require to be addressed to determine if there are any potential risks with such fixtures.

The screens in purpose built Hackney vehicles are manufacturer fitted and tested to M1 European whole vehicle standard and therefore certified with the vehicle.  The use of any protective sheeting and/or screens in a licensed private hire car would have to be similarly approved with standard fitting and inspection, to ensure that passenger and driver safety was not in any way compromised.

The Licensing Authority has asked for guidance on the use of protective sheeting and/or screens in private hire cars from the Scottish Government, as the Authority is aware that these fixtures are in use in private hire cars in some other Authorities. As soon as the Licensing Authority receives further information on this matter, this guidance will be updated accordingly.

Update: The Scottish Government's response to the Licensing Authority on this matter is detailed below.

"The general public can use public transport (buses/trams/subways/trains) and private/commercial vehicles (e.g. to get to and from work, food shopping), aiming to maintain 2m physical distancing whenever possible.

Where people from different households are sharing a private vehicle (car, taxi, minibus, lorries) then consideration should be given to how physical distancing can be applied within the vehicle, where possible. If you can adhere to physical distancing whilst travelling, then do so. Where this is not possible and passengers are travelling with non-household members limit the number of passengers and space out as much as possible.

Household members can travel together in larger numbers in a private vehicle, as required for essential purposes. People who are in the higher risk category should consider carefully how they can apply the physical distancing advice stringently. People who are shielding should follow the advice on NHS Inform.

The following general infection prevention and control measures should be followed: · Hand hygiene - use handwashing facilities or, where available, alcohol based hand rub before and after journeys. · Catch coughs and sneezes in tissues or cover mouth and nose with sleeve or elbow (not hands), dispose of the tissue into a bin and wash hands immediately. · Clean vehicles between different drivers or passengers as appropriate

While this is not mandatory, the public are asked to consider using face coverings in enclosed spaces, where physical distancing is more difficult and where there is a risk of close contact with people they do not usually meet.

Fair work

Partnership with workers and trades unions is crucial to making the right decisions to protect workers and ensure public safety while also helping businesses to stay open and keep people in employment.  Employers must allow their staff to follow medical advice to self-isolate or isolate with their households. Workers should never feel pressured to breach that advice. Fundamentally, employers should look to maintain jobs and pay their workers throughout this crisis, and to make use of Government support to achieve this.

A joint statement by the Economy Secretary Fiona Hyslop and STUC General Secretary Grahame Smith has been issued outlining the shared commitment to fair work practices in Scotland, a copy can be found at: "


Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

I have a medical appointment at People Asset Management (PAM) and I have Covid -19, what should I do?
    If you or a family member who you share a household with has Covid-19 or any of the symptoms and are self-isolating please phone PAM on 0141 428 3900 to notify them that you will be unable to attend your appointment.

Please note that in this situation, you are strongly advised not to operate as a driver and follow Government guidance on Covid-19.
I am having difficulty trying to contact People Asset Management (PAM) what should I do? If the office at PAM is closed as a result of Covid-19 please email Licensing Enquiries with your name, date of birth and the date of your appointment with PAM. In this situation, you will still be able to operate as a licensed driver subject to following Government guidance on Covid-19.

Guidance for Liquor Licence Holders

Food Takeaway and Delivery Services

Following the announcement by the UK Government regarding a relaxation of planning rules, the Licensing Board is supportive of licensed premises which wish to provide a food take away and food delivery service.

Where the premises sell food and are licensed for both on and off-sales of alcohol, the delivery of alcohol with food will also be permitted, subject to compliance with the appropriate provisions within the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Licensing Board's alcohol delivery conditions which can be found at Part 9.3 of the Licensing Board's Policy Statement.

Personal Licence Holder - Training

Update: Please note the updated position below regarding an automatic four month extension on the timescales to undertake your training and to submit your training certificate.

Personal Licence holders are required to undergo refresher training every five years and to provide a copy of their training certificate to the Licensing Board.

If you are unable to take a refresher training course as a result of:

  • no courses running because of Covid-19;
  • you or a family member have Covid-19 and you are self-isolating; or
  • you are worried about attending a course because of Covid-19

Please be assured that your Personal Licence will remain in effect.

You will be given an automatic four month extension on the timescales to undertake your training and to submit your training certificate.

We will continue to review this position and may apply a further extension if necessary. The guidance will continue to be updated.

If you need to submit your training certificate, please use our Online Form.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I open my premises early for food outwith licensed hours?
    Yes, subject to Government guidance on Covid-19
My outdoor area is licensed by occasional licences, will I need to submit further applications to keep operating?
 If you currently have an occasional licence for an outside area, this will remain in effect until the 30 April 2020. Use of the area will be subject to Government guidance on Covid-19.

We will continue to review this position and may apply a further extension if necessary. The guidance will continue to be updated.

Guidance for Public Entertainment Licence Holders

Rescheduled Events

If you have already lodged a Public Entertainment Licence and wish to re-schedule your event to another date(s), please email Licensing Enquiries with the heading Public Entertainment Licence - (name of event).

If you do wish to have your event on another date you will not be charged by the Licensing Authority for the change of date. The Licensing Authority will require from you an updated Permission to Use for the new dates.

Further Guidance

We will continue to update this guidance as necessary. If you have an urgent specific query you can contact us by email. Due to the anticipated volume of enquiries please be aware that it may take some time to respond.

Liquor and Gambling All other Licence Types
Email: Licensing Board      Email: Licensing Enquiries



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