Glasgow City Council Agenda - 06 April 2006, 13:30 Help

A meeting to be held at at 13:30 on 06 April 2006.

Number Item
2764Minutes of Council meetings of 9th and 23rd February 2006 (Print 7, pages 1047 to 1061).
2Print 7 - Committees' minutes - Consideration of paragraphs marked "C", remaining paragraphs being submitted only for approval as a correct record (page 1062 onwards).
3Print 7 - Area Committees' minutes - Submitted for information (Appendix 1).
4Consideration of minutes previously objected to.
576th (King's Park) Ward - By-election result - Report by Returning Officer. View Papers
6Changes to committees etc
(a)Development and Regeneration Services (Merchant City) Working Group - remove John Mason and add Iris Gibson;
(b)Policy & Resources (Strategic Development) Group - add John Mason; and
(c)Policy & Resources (Vocational Training) Board - add Margaret McCafferty.
7Representation on outside bodies:-
(a)Community Safety Partnership - Remove Robert Winter;
(b)Big Step Social Inclusion Partnership Board - Remove Robert Winter;
(c)Greater Pollok Property Company Ltd - appoint Alexander Glass;
(d)Parkhead Townscape Heritage Initiative Board - appoint Patricia Chalmers and Elaine Smith; and
(e)Scottish Chamber Orchestra - remove Catherine McMaster (Council representation reduced from 2 to 1).
9Questions from Councillor Niall Walker
(a)To attract the Commonwealth Games, Glasgow needs an excellent public transport network. What would the organisers think of the Council building a car park in Victoria Park, rather than improving rail and bus links to Scotstoun?
(b)To improve air quality, will Council vary parking and permit charges, to reward environmentally friendly cars and penalise large polluters?
10Notice of Motion by Councillor John Mason:-

"Council appreciates the valuable seminar held by SPT recently concerning the bus industry in Glasgow. Ever increasing subsidies cannot continue to be paid to the bus companies for routes that are not profitable enough for them. It is apparent that some form of increased regulation and/or franchising is required to provide this city with a more integrated public transport system. It is clear that we can have integration or competition but we cannot have both.

However, Council notes that both Labour and Liberal Democrats in the Scottish Executive have so far refused to seriously intervene in the bus industry. Therefore, Council calls on the Scottish Executive to take this issue more seriously, to abandon competition in favour of integration, and to initiate consultation on which form of regulation or franchising offers the best way forward."