Glasgow City Council Agenda - 21 September 2006, 13:30 Help

A meeting to be held at at 13:30 on 21 September 2006.

Number Item
1905Minutes of Council meeting of 29th June 2006. View Papers
2Executive Committee minutes of 18th August and 1st September 2006. View Papers
3Committee minutes submitted for information
(a)Licensing (Applications) Sub-committee of 7th, 14th, 15th, 28th and 29th June 2006; View Papers
(b)Licensing (Complaints) Sub-committee of 8th June 2006; View Papers
(c)Licensing (Safety of Sports Grounds) Sub-committee of 20th June 2006;  View Papers
(d)Licensing (Convener's) Sub-committee of 28th June 2006; View Papers
(e)Licensing and Regulatory Committee of 26th July, 16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th, 30th and 31st August and 6th and 7th September 2006; View Papers
(f)Development and Regeneration Services (Development Applications) Sub-committee of 20th and 27th June 2006; View Papers
(g)Development and Regeneration Services (Property) Sub-committee of 21st June 2006; View Papers
(h)Planning Applications Committee of 4th and 11th July and 15th, 22nd, 29th August and 5th and 12th September 2006; View Papers
(i)Environmental Protection Services (Building Standards) Sub-committee of 22nd June 2006; View Papers
(j)Cultural and Leisure Services (Convener's) Sub-committee of 28th June 2006; View Papers
(k)Financial Services (Strathclyde Pension Fund) Sub-committee of 22nd June 2006; View Papers
(l)Financial Services (Convener's) Sub-committee of 28th June 2006; and View Papers
(m)Education Endowments Committee of 24th August 2006. View Papers
4Consideration of minutes previously objected to.
5Report by Leader of the Council.
6Changes to committees etc
(a)Joint Community Care Committee - Remove Alan Stewart (Ward 78) and add Stephen Curran; and
(b)Public Processions Committee - add Alex Mosson.
7Representation on outside bodies:-
(a)Community Health and Care Partnerships - Appoint the following as substitutes:-

East Tom McKeown
North Jim Todd
South West Stephen Dornan
South East James Scanlon
West Paul Carey;
(b)Clyde Sail Training Trust - Appoint M Doran, Education Services in place of R Barron;
(c)Glasgow Education and Marshall Trust - Appoint M Doran, Education Services in place of R Barron;
(d)Glasgow Secondary Schools Outdoor Centre Trust - Appoint M Doran, Education Services in place of R Barron; and
(e)Greater Easterhouse Arts Company - Appoint M Doran, Education Services in place of R Barron;
10Notice of Motions
(a)by Councillor Billy McAllister:-

"Glasgow City Council calls on the Scottish Executive to increase the resources to local authorities and housing associations in order that problems of anti-social behaviour may be dealt with effectively.

Council agrees to urgently re-prioritise existing resources and practices towards the tackling of anti-social behaviour within local communities throughout Glasgow.

Council in recognising the notion of better homes and stronger communities calls for increased resources and commitment towards housing associations in particular to clearly support the majority of well-behaved tenants and owners who suffer at the hands of anti-social neighbours."
(b)by Councillor John Mason:-

"Council notes the Workforce Pay and Benefits Review which is currently underway. It also notes communications from the Leader of the Council and the Chief Executive of 28 and 29 August. Theses communications indicate serious pay losses for some members of staff and the intention that "pay protection measures will be put in place for three years" only.

Council considers that it is unacceptable for staff to have pay cut as part of this review. While it is accepted that many detailed negotiations have still to be undertaken, Council commits to putting in place measures which will protect pay permanently and not only for three years."
(c)by Bailie Alistair Watson

"We appreciate all that Glasgow City Council is doing through its Inward Investment Team regarding those employees affected by Thomsons decision to make 450 workers redundant at their Call Centre in Cardonald. We would ask Council to raise as a matter of urgency with the Enterprise Minister that he investigate the regional selective assistance afforded to Thomsons in setting up their Cardonald project."