Glasgow City Council Agenda - 02 November 2006, 13:30 Help

A meeting to be held at at 13:30 on 02 November 2006.

Number Item
1904Minutes of Council meeting of 21st September 2006. View Papers
2Executive Committee minutes of 29th September and 13th October 2006 and 27th October 2006. View Papers
3Committee minutes submitted for information:-
(a)Audit and Ethics Committee of 14th September 2006;  View Papers
(b)Strathclyde Pension Fund Committee of 14th September 2006; View Papers
(c)Licensing and Regulatory Committee of 13th, 14th, 20th, 27th, and 28th September and 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th October 2006; and View Papers
(d)Planning Applications Committee of 19th, 26th September and 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th October 2006. View Papers
4Consideration of minutes previously objected to.
5Report by Leader of the Council.
6Changes to committees etc.
7Representation on outside bodies.
9Question from Councillor Niall Walker -

"Community Councils are democratically elected bodies who represent our communities. Will Council assure me, that as previously agreed, the community council resource centre will remain part of the Council?"
10Notice of Motions
(a)by Councillor Catherine McMaster

"Council agrees that as Policy Development and Scrutiny Committees have the ability to scrutinise decisions of the Executive Committee, no member of the Executive Committee should at the same time be a member of a Policy Development Scrutiny Committee.

Therefore Council agrees to amend its Standing Orders by the inclusion of the following within Standing Order No 28:-

"(4) A member of the Executive Committee shall not at the same time be a member of a Policy Development and Scrutiny Committee."
(b)by Bailie Dr Christopher Mason

"The Council:

(1) recalls that it resolved on 4th November 2004 to call on Her Majesty's Government to work for the very early withdrawal of Coalition forces from Iraq and their replacement, if that was desired by the Iraqi Government, by military, police and civil assistance provided under the auspices of the United Nations and the direction of the Secretary General;

(2) notes that in the intervening 2 years the security situation in Iraq has continued to deteriorate and expresses its deepest sympathy to all those in Iraq and the coalition countries who have suffered bereavement or injury there in the violence since the American and British invasion;

(3) reiterates its belief, expressed in its 2004 resolution, that "the manner in which Iraq was invaded and Saddam Hussein was overthrown, and the policies that have been pursued since then by the Coalition Powers in Iraq, have exposed the people in Iraq and the United Kingdom to dangers no less than those they faced when Saddam Hussein was in power";

(4) is convinced that the continuing presence of Coalition Forces in Iraq is now a serious obstacle to the establishment of peace and security in that unhappy country; and

(5) calls upon Her Majesty's Government to acknowledge that the continued military occupation of Iraq will not result in the establishment of peace and a democratic system of government there and to request the United Nations Organisation to take over full responsibility for the provision of such security and other assistance as the Government of Iraq may require"
(c)by Councillor Niall Walker:-

"Council notes that climate change has already increased flooding incidents in Scotland. It is also evident that increased temperatures will harm agriculture and biodiversity.

The Environmental Strategy and Action Plan 2006-2010 proposes moves in the right direction but lacks a sense of urgency and specific short-term actions. Although the Council has policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, some of its policies work in the opposite direction, e.g. building on the green belt, continued building in densely populated areas leading to traffic congestion, and encouragement of out of town shopping.

We call on Council to speed up implementation of the Environment Strategy and Action Plan and in particular to:

" immediately reduce staff and elected member car and air travel
" reduce energy usage in offices and other Council buildings
" through City Plan 2, make micro renewable energy projects a presumption in all new developments."
(d)by Councillor John Mason:-

"Council welcomes the increasing diversity of Glasgow's population. In particular while accepting that Scotland is an increasingly secular society, we welcome the variety of faiths represented in the city and note that members of the various faith communities make a huge contribution to society.

Council recognises that such diversity can lead to fear and misunderstanding between the groups unless there is a positive attitude of acceptance and tolerance. The history of our country and city includes the co-existence of many diverse groupings and we welcome the continuation of this tradition.

Therefore, Council reaffirms its commitment to acceptance of people of all cultures and faiths in Glasgow. While acknowledging that there may be occasional restrictions on clothing, jewellery, etc. for health and safety or similar reasons, Council encourages members of all the faith communities to dress in whatever manner they deem appropriate. Council deplores those in government who have sought to encourage Britishness or Scottishness by enforcing a narrow and discriminatory dress code.