Glasgow City Council Agenda - 28 June 2007, 13:30 Help

A meeting to be held at at 13:30 on 28 June 2007.

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2141Minutes of Council meetings of 5th April and 17th May 2007 (Print 1, pages 1 to 147). View Papers
2Print 1 - Committees' minutes - Consideration of paragraphs marked "C", remaining paragraphs being submitted for information only (page 148 onwards).
3Print 1 - Area Committees' minutes - Submitted for information (Appendix 1).
4Consideration of minutes previously objected to.
5Support Services Strategy - Joint Venture for Property and ICT Services - Report by Chief Executive. View Papers
6Re-opening of Chirnsyde Community Initiative - Report by Chief Executive. View Papers
7Changes to Committees:-
(a)Appointment of Irfan Rabbani as Spokesperson on Equalities;
(b)Appointment of Working Group on Energy
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2Appoint Martha Wardrop (Convener), Ruth Black, Kenneth Elder, Catherine McMaster, David Meikle, Ruth Simpson and Grant Thoms.
8Representation on outside bodies - List of proposed appointments. View Papers
(a)Letter from Standards Commission for Scotland; and View Papers
(b)Letter from the Right Hon Adam Ingram MP, Minister of State for the Armed Forces. View Papers
11Notices of Motion
(a)by Councillor James Dornan

"Glasgow City Council recognises that Scotland does not get a fair and reasonable return of the TV licence fee revenues. BBC Scotland plays an important role in both economic and prestige terms for Glasgow but it is regretted that Glasgow does not benefit from the econmic benefits that an independent Scottish Broadcasting Corporation would bring. Given that previous research has shown that the retention of licence revenues within Scotland would automatically increase the number of jobs, Glasgow City Council supports an economic impact study of creating an independent Scottish Broadcasting Corporation.

The Council, recognising that creating a Scottish Broadcasting Corporation would take time, suggests that in the interim, and given the obvious recent example of the BBC's lack of understanding, interest and appreciation of the new politics in Scotland, plans are put in place immediately to create a "Scottish Six" news broadcast, giving Scottish, UK and international news from a Scottish perspective."
(b)by Councillor Steven Purcell

"Council believes that Glasgow has changed significantly for the better in recent years. This is best illustrated in the record numbers of jobs in the city, as well as new homes, schools, leisure facilities and businesses that are appearing in communities across Glasgow.

Council also recognises that there is still a great deal of work to do, and that too many people across the city are not yet part of Glasgow's recent success. Council resolves that more must be done to address this.

Council commits itself to tackling these problems, including:

" continuing to improve educational opportunities and facilities,
" taking more action to get people into work and create a strong economy,
" strengthening our communities, including tackling litter and vandalism and expanding regeneration efforts across the city.

Council also believes that the Scottish Executive has a key role to play. It therefore calls upon the Scottish Executive to:

" recognise the key role that cities play in growing the Scottish economy, and provide them with the resources needed to boost economic growth in their metropolitan areas and across Scotland; and
" ensure that a greater account of problems of social deprivation is taken into account when allocating funding for council services."
(c)by Councillor George Ryan

"Council believes that there should be a fair distribution of public sector jobs throughout Scotland.

Council notes that the previous Scottish Executive indicated their willingness to transfer such jobs to Glasgow, including sportscotland and NHS staff (working in National Services Scotland and NHS Education for Scotland).

Council calls upon the new Scottish Executive to support this commitment, and to ensure that these re-locations take place as soon as possible."
(d)by Councillor Kenny McLean

"Glasgow City Council notes the publication of the Federation of Small Businesses Index of Success 2007 report which shows that Glasgow Has the poorest rating for education, health, employment and inequality of all Scotland's 32 local authority areas. Council agrees with the report's recommendation highlighting the need for cross-party support at national and local level, for an investigation into why Glasgow performs so poorly and then to re-consider the city's strategies to improve this woeful record in the light of such a review's findings."
(e)by Councillor Alex Dingwall

"Council regrets the failure to provide the 40 social rented houses for those decanted from the Botany area in 2001. Council notes that these tenants have now been decanted for over 5 years and are likely to be displaced for a further 2 years before returning to their original community. This is an example which will do nothing to gain tenant confidence in respect of refurbishment of existing stock or the development of new neighbourhoods.

Council resolves to make all efforts to ensure that the promises made to tenants in advance of transfer to the GHA are now delivered.

Council believes that communities should be strengthened through new housing provision and not destroyed by a demolition process which appears to run down areas and then demolish stock without provision for the remaining tenants to be re-housed within their own community.

Council agrees

(i) to work with partners to ensure matching levels of social rented housing are built to replace homes where tenants have clearly expressed a desire to remain in their community area;

(ii) that any major demolition of stock should be on a phased basis and minimise the need for decant in favour of direct re-housing to new homes; and

(iii) to work with partners to seek to free up any additional land necessary to ensure that communities can be re-housed within their existing communities.