Glasgow City Council Agenda - 25 June 2009, 13:30 Help

A meeting to be held at at 13:30 on 25 June 2009.

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2140Minutes of Council meeting of 14th May 2009 (Print 2, pages 103 to 105). View Papers
2Print 2 - Committees' minutes - Consideration of paragraphs marked
3Consideration of minutes previously objected to.
4Local Government By-Election - Election of Councillor for Electoral Ward 14 (Drumchapel/Anniesland) - Report by Returning Officer. View Papers
5Accounts Commission - Best Value Audit Progress Report and Action Plan - Report by Chief Executive. View Papers
6Local Taxation Working Group - Overall Findings - Report by Bailie Jean McFadden, Executive Member for Corporate Governance. View Papers
7Modernising the Planning System - Delegation of decision-making - Report by Executive Director of Development and Regeneration Services. View Papers
8Changes to committees - Licensing and Regulatory Committee - Remove Ruth Black.
9Representation on outside bodies - Local Licensing Forum - Remove Mr Richard Cairns and appoint Mr Stuart Patrick, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.
12Notices of motion:-
(a)by Bailie Jean McFadden:-

"Council welcome the publication of the final report from the Calman Commission on Scottish Devolution. Council believes that implementation of its recommendations by the UK Government will strengthen the devolution settlement by providing the Scottish Government with the financial flexibility to address its priorities whilst ensuring that Scotland continues to benefit from being part of a modern, evolving Union.

Council also notes that the Commission has endorsed the principle of subsidiarity, stating that decisions should be taken as closely as possible to the people who are affected by them with central government only performing those tasks which cannot be carried out effectively at a more local level. In order to achieve this Council calls on the Scottish and UK Governments, MPs, MSPs and Local Government to work together to identify specific issues where further devolution to councils will lead to better public services.
(b)by Councillor Patricia Gibson:-

"Council calls on the Westminster Government to re-think the proposed cut in Scotland's budget of 500m from each of the next two years, which will have a devastating impact on Glasgow's public sector provision and wider economy, and undermine the economic recovery of Glasgow and Scotland as a whole."
(c)by Councillor Danny Alderslowe:-

"Council notes that the Home Office Enforcement Team at Brand Street carried out a traumatising dawn raid on a young mother and her son on 14th May 2009 and this is the first dawn raid to be carried out in Glasgow for almost a year.

Council notes that the use of dawn raids is a heavy-handed and unnecessary tactic to detain asylum seekers and calls for a full investigation into why the decision was taken to carry out a dawn raid in this case.

Council support initiatives designed to prevent the need to detain asylum seeking families at all.

Council agrees that the Chief Executive writes to the Home Office highlighting that dawn raids are not an acceptable approach to detaining asylum seekers, particularly children and young people."
(d)by Councillor Jennifer Dunn:-

"Council notes with great concern, the small but growing numbers of British National Party voters in the European elections in Scotland.

Council believes that the BNP are a fascist party and as such would not be welcome in this chamber.

Council reaffirms its commitment to equalities and inclusive education, and to ensuring that Glasgow remains an open and equal city which celebrates its diversity."