Glasgow City Council Agenda - 29 October 2009, 13:30 Help

A meeting to be held at at 13:30 on 29 October 2009.

Number Item
2153Minutes of Council meeting of 10th September 2009 (Print 4, pages 345 to 347). View Papers
2Print 4 - Committees' minutes - Consideration of paragraphs marked "C", remaining paragraphs being submitted for information only (page 348 onwards). View Papers
3Consideration of minutes previously objected to.
4Changes to committees etc - Energy Working Group - Remove Ruth Simpson and add James McNally. View Papers
5Representation on outside bodies. View Papers
7Questions. View Papers
8Notices of motion:-
(a)by Councillor Alistair Watson:-

"This Council condemns the decision by the SNP Scottish Government to cancel the Glasgow Airport Rail Link." View Papers
(b)by Councillor Stuart Clay:-

"Glasgow City Council supports the cancellation of the 3rd runway at Heathrow Airport and appeals to any future UK Government to put a moratorium on all airport expansion." View Papers
(c)by Bailie Elizabeth Cameron:-

"Council notes that this month marks the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Loch Katrine water facility; a facility that to this day continues to provide Glaswegians with a clean and safe water supply.

Council recognises the achievements of one of our most celebrated Lord Provosts, Robert Stewart, whose commitment and perseverance to improve Glasgow's water supply overcame the resistance of vested interests and whose actions almost certainly saved the lives of many thousands of Glaswegians during the cholera outbreak of 1866.

Council celebrates the upcoming unveiling of the refurbished Stewart Memorial Fountain as part of a series of events to coincide with this anniversary and considers these events to be a fitting tribute to a man whose achievements should be recognised and celebrated for generations to come." View Papers