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Glasgow City Council

Gully Cleaning Programme

Service update

Due to adverse weather conditions last night, Monday 12 February 2024, yellow no waiting and no loading cones were not able to be put out on site. Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused, and any gully cleaning missed on these affected streets will be reprogrammed.

Last update: Tuesday 13 February at 09.50

Cyclic Gully Maintenance

The Council has approximately 75,000 road gullies which are cleaned on a risk and cyclic basis.

Cyclic Gully Cleaning Frequency

The risk based gully programme is delivered over two years on the following frequencies:

  • Flood location gullies - cleaned 3 times a year
  • Arterial and city centre routes - cleaned 1 time per year
  • Neighbourhood Gully Programme - cleaned 1 time every 2 years
  • Leaf fall locations - will attend over the autumn period to remove leaf fall

It should be noted that the programme dates may be affected by adverse weather and weather warnings. If this occurs, the neighbourhood gully cleaning will be programmed at a later date and the web page updated accordingly.

The Neighbourhood Gully Programme needs residents to comply with the restrictions so that any parked cars are moved to allow access for the large gully vehicles that clean and empty the roadside gullys.

When this programme is on your street, a Temporary Traffic Restriction Notice (TTRNs) will be highlighted as being in place. This means for the times stated please DO NOT park your vehicle on the street.

If your vehicle obstructs the works it will be moved, and you may receive a Parking Charge Notice (PCN). Also, your vehicle may be uplifted to the NRS Vehicle Pound and a charge will be applied to recover your vehicle.

As the TTRO works are being scheduled, we will confirm upcoming neighbourhoods and specific streets on this page. You will also see signage on lampposts and no parking cones on the kerbside, please look out for these and follow the guidance on the highlighted dates.

Upcoming Neighbourhood Gully Programme

The next Neighbourhood Gully Programme will be Broomhill/ Partick West and Drumpochapel. This will begin on Sunday 4 February 2024.

Broomhill / Partick West and Drumchapel

Street NameProposed Date
Crow Road04 February 2024
South Street04 February 2024
Beechwood Drive 05 February 2024
Blairatholl Gardens05 February 2024
Victoria Park Gardens South05 February 2024
Monkscroft Gardens05 February 2024
Thornwood Terrace05 February 2024
Rosevale Street05 February 2024
Randolph Gate06 February 2024
Mitre Road06 February 2024
Crathie Drive06 February 2024
Thornwood Road06 February 2024
Glasgow Harbour Terraces 06 February 2024
Randolph Road07 February 2024
Blairatholl Avenue07 February 2024
Balshagray Drive07 February 2024
Apsley Street07 February 2024
Thornwood Gardens07 February 2024
Churchill Drive08 February 2024
Monkscroft Avenue08 February 2024
Harbour Place08 February 2024
Ashwood Gardens09 February 2024
Mitre Gate09 February 2024
Laurel Place09 February 2024
Norval Street09 February 2024
Thornwood Drive09 February 2024
Beith Street09 February 2024
Broomhill Drive11 February 2024
Castlebank Street11 February 2024
Marlbourough Avenue12 February 2024
Clarence Gardens12 February 2024
Thornwood Avenue12 February 2024
Monkscroft Court12 February 2024
Crawford Street12 February 2024
Woodcroft Avenue13 February 2024
Kirkmichael Avenue13 February 2024
Broomhill Terrace13 February 2024
Fairlie Park Drive13 February 2024
Thornwood Place13 February 2024
Hayburn Street13 February 2024
Byron Street13 February 2024
Beechwood Place 14 February 2024
Edgehill Road14 February 2024
Victoria Park Gardens North14 February 2024
Broomhill Place14 February 2024
Broomhill Lane14 February 2024
Kildonan Drive14 February 2024
Castlebank Place14 February 2024
Poplar Avenue15 February 2024
Tibbermore Road15 February 2024
Broomhill Gardens15 February 2024
Exetrer Drive15 February 2024
Kennoway Drive15 February 2024
Dumbarton Road15 February 2024
Norby Road15 February 2024
Broomhill Avenue15 February 2024
Elmwood Avenue16 February 2024
Naseby Avenue16 February 2024
Balshagray Place16 February 2024
Maule Drive16 February 2024
Auchentorlie Street16 February 2024
Sandy Road16 February 2024
Hayburn Place16 February 2024
Kirkmichael Gardens16 February 2024
Clarence Drive 18 February 2024
Dalsetter Crescent 18 February 2024
Rowallan Gardens19 February 2024
Central Avenue19 February 2024
Thornwood Crescent19 February 2024
Laurel Street19 February 2024
Ardery Street19 February 2024
Thornwood Quadrant19 February 2024
Meadow Road19 February 2024
Harmsworth Street19 February 2024
Incholm Street19 February 2024
Balshagray Crescent19 February 2024
Belsyde Avenue20 February 2024
Bayfield Avenue20 February 2024
Backmuir Road20 February 2024
Summerhill Gardens20 February 2024
Foswell Drive20 February 2024
Bernisdale Gardens20 February 2024
Inchfad Drive20 February 2024
Abbotshall Avenue20 February 2024
Stonedyke Grove21 February 2024
Dalsetter Place21 February 2024
Invercanny Drive21 February 2024
Jedworth Avenue21 February 2024
Scavaig Crescent21 February 2024
Kendoon Avenue21 February 2024
Ledmore Drive22 February 2024
Merryton Avenue22 February 2024
Grogary Road22 February 2024
Lillyburn Place22 February 2024
Ladyloan Garden22 February 2024
Portree Place22 February 2024
Inchfad Crescent22 February 2024
Heathcot Place22 February 2024
Cloan Avenue22 February 2024
Dewar Drive23 February 2024
Camus Place23 February 2024
Jedworth Road23 February 2024
Saddell Road23 February 2024
Kells Place23 February 2024
Bernisdale Drive23 February 2024
Hecla Avenue23 February 2024
Kinfauns Drive25 February 2024
Linkwood Drive26 February 2024
Goyle Avenue26 February 2024
Northmuir Road26 February 2024
Kilcoly Avenue26 February 2024
Katewell Place26 February 2024
Inchlaggan Place26 February 2024
Kingsmore Court26 February 2024
Laurence Gardens26 February 2024
Carolside Drive26 February 2024
Linkwood Avenue27 February 2024
Dewar gate27 February 2024
Merryton Gardens27 February 2024
Summerhill Road27 February 2024
Ladyloan Place27 February 2024
Hecla Square27 February 2024
Heathcot Avenue27 February 2024
Boon Drive28 February 2024
Harrow Place28 February 2024
Kinclaven Gardens28 February 2024
Summerhill Place28 February 2024
Ladyloan Avenue28 February 2024
Anish Place28 February 2024
Halgreen Avenue28 February 2024
Drumchapel Close 29 February 2024
Linkwood Crescent29 February 2024
Southdeen Road29 February 2024
Cally Avenue29 February 2024
Tallant Terrace29 February 2024
Foswell Place29 February 2024
Kilmari Gardens29 February 2024
Achamore Crescent29 February 2024
Hecla Place29 February 2024
Dalsetter Avenue01 March 2024
Blackcraig Avenue01 March 2024
Kinclaven Place01 March 2024
Springside Place01 March 2024
Pitmilly Road01 March 2024
Fasque Place01 March 2024
Kilmore Crescent01 March 2024
Dunkenny Road01 March 2024
Inchfad Place01 March 2024
Drumchapel Road03 March 2024
Duntreath Avenue03 March 2024
Drumry Road East03 March 2024
Howgate Avenue04 March 2024
Whitekirk Place04 March 2024
Kinclaven Avenue04 March 2024
Drummore Road04 March 2024
Pinewood Square 04 March 2024
Overbrae Place04 March 2024
Achamore Gardens04 March 2024
Inchcruin Place04 March 2024
Glenkirk Drive05 March 2024
Airgold Drive05 March 2024
Tallant Road05 March 2024
Bankglen Road05 March 2024
Ladyloan Court05 March 2024
Katewell Avenue05 March 2024
Achamore Drive05 March 2024
Laurence Drive05 March 2024
Drumchapel Place06 March 2024
Linkwood Gardens06 March 2024
Rozelle Avenue06 March 2024
Summerhill Drive06 March 2024
Lochgoin Avenue06 March 2024
Kerfield Place06 March 2024
Bernisdale Place06 March 2024
Halbeath Avenue06 March 2024
Dipple Place07 March 2024
Southdeen Avenue07 March 2024
Ardhu Place07 March 2024
Bayfield Terrace07 March 2024
Linkwood Grove07 March 2024
Peel Glen Road07 March 2024
Overbrae Gardens07 March 2024
Inchmoan Place07 March 2024
Arcan Crescent 08 March 2024
Linkwood Place08 March 2024
Invercanny Place08 March 2024
Barnkirk Avenue08 March 2024
Southdeen Grove08 March 2024
Achamore Road08 March 2024
Monymusk Place08 March 2024
Inchory Place08 March 2024
Laurence Court08 March 2024
Garscadden Road10 March 2024
Fettercairn Avenue10 March 2024
The Antonine Road10 March 2024

Greater Gorbals

Due to recent freezing temperatures and stormy weather, the Neighbourhood Gully Programme was suspended on multiple days. Affected streets will be rescheduled late March/ early April. Once programmed, this will be added to the gully cleaning webpage.

Completed Neighbourhood Gully Programme Information

The table below will be updated following completion of each neighbourhood and as the associated follow up programmes are confirmed. (You can view the full table by using the scroll bar at the bottom of the table, or alternatively this can be viewed as a PDF pdf icon here [123kb]).

Neighbourhood Gully Programme (NGP)Date NGP CompletedNo. of GulliesNo. of Gullies Satisfactorily Cleaned% of Gullies Satisfactorily CleanedReturn visit (Due to Access/ Severe Weather Issues) Programmed DateNo. of Gullies Req. Follow-Up Repair to Cover/ FrameNo. of Gullies Req. Follow-Up Drainage InvestiagtionRisk and Area-Based Follow-Up Programmed DateComments
Ibrox / KingstonMay-222453174271%-10618  
Hillhead / WoodlandsAug-22101978577%-8212  
Pollokshields EastJun-2244831470%-319  
Tollcross / West ShettlestonJul-222339163770%-11524  
Greater GovanSep-222039157077%-11117  
Hyndland / Dowanhill / Partick EastOct-221416100571%-6028  
Baillieston / GarrowhillDec-222627225986%-9561  
Anniesland / Jordanhill / WhiteinchNov-22134295371%-5627  
Calton / BridgetonMar-231329111784%-226  
Yorkhill / AnderstonFeb-2378361078%-264  
Crookston /South CardonaldFeb-2369755980%-3225  
Langside / BattlefieldApr-23108787881%-5618  
Springboig / BarlanarkMay-231607137886%-9412  
Temple / AnnieslandJun-231561119577%-8517  
Shawlands / StrathbungoJul-2365450477%Mar-24528 Severe access issues. 77% is overall % gullies satisfactory cleaned for combined programme - This total will be less for solely Shawalnd/ Strathbungo.
Pollokshaws / MansewoodAug-23125896977%-10215 
Pollokshields WestAug-2393471977%-7512 
Ruchill / PossilparkNov-23140991865%Apr-241096 Emergency Flooding/ Operational issues.
Maryhill Road CorridorNov-23102066465%Apr-24804 
North Maryhill / SummerstonNov-23146395365%Apr-241146 
Yoker / ScotstounDec-23115481070%-880  

Future Neighbourhood Gully Programme Schedule

The table below outlines the future Neighbourhood Gully Programme for 2024/2025. This will be updated following completion of each neighbourhood and to reflect any changes/ delays in the programme. (You can view the full table below or alternatively this can be viewed as a pdf icon PDF [109kb] **)

NeighbourhoodSectorScheduled Completion Date 
Broomhill / Partick WestNorth WestFeb-24
DrumchapelNorth WestFeb-24
CastlemilkSouth EastMar-24
Blackhill / HogganfieldNorth EastMar-24
Haghill / Carntyne (MAR24)North EastMar-24
Riddrie / Cranhill (MAR24)North EastApr-24
Dennistoun (MAR24)North EastApr-24
Mount Vernon / East ShettlestonNorth EastApr-24
Lambhill / MiltonNorth WestMay-24
North Cardonald / PenileeSouth WestMay-24
Bellahouston / Craigton / MossparkSouth EastJun-24
PollokSouth WestJun-24
Cathcart / SimshillSouth EastJul-24
CroftfootSouth EastJul-24
CarmunnockSouth EastJul-24
Balornock/ BarmullochNorth EastAug-24
Ruchazie / GarthamlockNorth EastAug-24
Priesthill / HousehillwoodSouth WestSep-24
King's Park / Mount FloridaSouth EastSep-24
Parkhead / DalmarnockNorth EastOct-24
Kelvindale / KelvinsideNorth WestOct-24
BlairdardieNorth WestNov-24
EasterhouseNorth EastNov-24
Newlands / CathcartSouth WestDec-24
ToryglenSouth EastJan-25
Corkerhill / North PollokSouth WestJan-25
Arden / CarnwadricSouth WestFeb-25
Robroyston / MillerstonNorth EastFeb-25
Sighthill / Roystonhill / GermistonNorth EastMar-25
South Nitshill / DarnleySouth WestMar-25

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