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What is it?

The Glasgow Guarantee, rebranded in September 2015, is the biggest programme of its kind in the UK.  A legacy of the 2009, £50 million Commonwealth Employment Initiatives, the Glasgow Guarantee is now a core funded employability support programme that provides a wage incentive to employers, who recruit from the pool of Glasgow Guarantee eligible candidates.

The programme offers a commitment that unemployed/underemployed local people, including those about to leave education, are assisted into a job or modern apprenticeship. *underemployed is anyone working in a part-time or zero hour contract job

The programme also offers an in-work progression/training award payment, to help candidates progress and gain additional transferable qualifications and includes in work support to both candidates and employers.

Over the past decade more than 9000 local residents, and over 2000 businesses have benefitted from the Glasgow Guarantee. 

Who is it for?

The Glasgow Guarantee makes it easy for unemployed/underemployed people in the city who are looking for a job to gain direct access to vacancies and training.

For businesses who are seeking new employees, it provides a direct route to an approved pool of available and job ready candidates - with financial support to help recruit and train.

You can access these opportunities

For individuals if you are:

  • An unemployed/underemployed Glasgow resident who lives within the Glasgow city boundary
  • Working with one of our local approved Employability Providers, to help you get ready to find your next job
  • About to leave school or college within the next three months
  • Facing redundancy and supported by PACE
  • Not currently part of any other training/employment programme

Glasgow Guarantee can offer you direct access to lots of employment opportunities, and additional training, either through a full-time job or a modern apprenticeship.  Opportunities are available with local businesses and Glasgow City Council.

There are no age restrictions to join our programme and whatever your background and personal circumstances, we have a dedicated network of approved Employability Provider partners across the whole city, to work directly with you and support you to find, apply and get ready for your next job.

For businesses if you:

  • Are based within the Glasgow City Council boundary
  • Employ less than 250 employees
  • Are a private company, social enterprise or third sector organisation
  • Hold current public and employers' liability insurance
  • Intend to recruit for a new full-time post(s) within the next 18 months
  • Are able to show payslips, payroll run and business bank statements to show payments to staff
  • Agree to only recruit from our pool of candidates 

Glasgow Guarantee can offer you access to great financial incentives to help you recruit and train your next employee - to help your business grow and prosper. 


Find out more

Visit Glasgow Guarantee to find out how you can benefit from the programme.


Get in touch

  • Phone 0141 287 8609
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