City Plan 2

What is it?

The City Plan forms part of the city's development plan. It is used to guide the location, scale and quality of developments and, also, to inform decisions on planning applications. The plan's 20 year vision lays the foundation for development across the City and includes development proposals up to 2014. It takes account of other national and local strategies and plans, including the City's community plan and a wide range of subject plans ranging from biodiversity and housing to transport and waste management.

The Plan aims to tackle growing concerns about climate change and also the health of residents. Many policies are included in the Plan to help address these issues and tackle the City's carbon footprint.

The ultimate aim of the Plan is to improve the quality of the physical environment and the quality of life for people living and working in the City and provide the conditions to promote sustainable development.

Summary of the City Plan 2

Glasgow City Council wants to make its plans and strategies fully accessible to all citizens. To this end, this leaflet summarises the second Glasgow City Plan, adopted in December 2009. 

The Plan is in four parts and each part serves a particular function. Parts 1 and 2 describe the development strategy for the City and highlight where planning activity to regenerate Glasgow will be focused over the next few years. Parts 3 and 4 contain the development and design policies and guides to be used by developers and the Council when devising and assessing development proposals.

The policies and development guides support the delivery of the development strategy. The Plan is also supported by a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Environmental Report and Technical Notes.

Part 1 - Development Strategy Overview

Part 1 of the Plan provides an overview of the Plan's Development Strategy which is based on a Vision for the City, underpinned by three Guiding Principles - Promoting Social Renewal and Equality of Opportunity, Delivering Sustainable Development and Improving the Health of the City and its Residents.

The Guiding Principles have been embedded into the Plan's Development Strategy, policies and proposals. These are, in turn, supported by three Strategic Development Policies which provide the general context for securing the Vision/Guiding Principles.

  • STRAT 1 outlines the critical role which sustainable design will play,
  • STRAT 2 the importance of planning action in the Key Regeneration Areas, and
  • STRAT 3 the planning delivery mechanisms.

Part 2 - Development Strategy Priorities and Proposals

Part 2 of the Plan sets out the development strategy in more detail, and seeks to address some of the broad land use, environmental and social renewal issues facing the City. This is set out under the four broad, city-wide themes of People, Jobs, Environment and Infrastructure, and within the context of the City's Key Regeneration Areas and Rest of the City.

Part 2 is supported by a Proposals Map (showing the location of the physical development activity proposed in the Plan) and a Development Planning Framework Map (illustrating the significant level of planning activity across the City in support of the Development Strategy).

The latter includes Local Development Strategies, Master plans, etc., which, on approval, will constitute a material consideration in the determination of development proposals, as will other frameworks such as the Glasgow Strategic Drainage Plan and Regional Transport Strategy. 

Part 3 - Development and Design Policies

Part 3 of the Plan is the Council's Development Management Manual and provides policy guidance for those seeking information about the acceptability of different forms of development in the City.  The layered format starts with 12 broad land use Development Policy Principles against which development proposals are initially considered (these are supported by maps covering the North, South East and West Quadrants of the City and the City Centre). 

This is followed by:

  • a set of overarching design policies supporting Strategic Development Policy STRAT 1 (which will apply to all planning applications and require to be addressed by all  master plans, etc.); and
  • a series of more specific topic policies (residential, transport, environment, etc.).

Part 4 - Development Guides

Part 4 of the Plan sets out the fine detail of many policy matters in a number of related Development Guides. In particular, Development Guides have been prepared in support of the Design, Residential, Transport and Environmental policies. 

City Plan 2: Hard Copies and PDFs

Should you wish to view a printed copy of City Plan 2, it is available to examine in all Glasgow's public libraries or at the offices of Development and Regeneration Services at 231 George Street, Glasgow.  

The City Plan 2 is available in portable document format (PDF) for reading online or downloading from related documents.  You  will require an Adobe Reader (version 6.0 or later) which can be downloaded free at the Adobe Web site




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