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Glasgow City Council

Resource and Recycling Strategy 2020-30

What is it?

Glasgow City Council declared a climate emergency in May 2019 and it is within this context that we have framed our new Resource and Recycling Strategy.  We seek to reduce the carbon impact waste has on the environment and climate change. The strategy will be implemented via an action plan covering one main vision statement and four key themes.

What is the Vision Statement and Four Key Themes?

The vision statement proposed for the new Resource and Recycling Strategy is:

"Empowering Glasgow to become a zero-waste city"

This does not mean that we will not create waste, but that we must be more aware that everything we use and throwaway is a valuable resource, which should be retained as far as practicable. The implementation of the new strategy requires everyone - residents, businesses and council staff - to contribute towards minimising waste, and where it is unavoidable, to increase re-use of materials and to increase the quantity and quality of materials collected for recycling.

This will be addressed via four main themes, and these are as follows:

  • Implement Policy
  • Develop Infrastructure and Technology
  • Promote Behavioural Change
  • Enhance Performance

Future Policy Changes

The resource management sector is moving into a significant period of policy change, which will directly affect the council's waste collection, transfer, and treatment processes and therefore influence the application of this strategy.

Some of the main changes are highlighted in the table below.

PolicyDue for ImplementationAdministration
Charter for Household Recycling and associated Code of Practice (currently under review)2021Scotland
Implementation of a Deposit Return (DRS) Scheme for single-use drink containers2022Scotland
Scottish Government Circular Economy BillTBCScotland
Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging Waste2023UK

In light of these significant policy changes, the Resource and Recycling Strategy will be regularly reviewed and subject to change as further information on the aforementioned policy changes become available.


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