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Glasgow City Council

Waste Strategy

What is it?

In 2010 a Waste Strategy was developed for Glasgow that set out a 10 year plan for the management of waste within the city until 2020. In 2015 a review has been undertaken which provides a mid-term update on actions identified within the original 2010 strategy and also sets out a clear action plan to ensure that waste is managed efficiently and recycling opportunities are maximised over the next five years.

What has been done since the introduction of the Strategy?

Since the introduction of the Waste Strategy in 2010, significant developments have been made within the resource management sector. The publication of the Scottish Government Zero Waste Plan, the approval of the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012 and the developing work of the Zero Waste Taskforce have a bearing on how local authorities manage waste within their remit. The review has been expanded to provide a strategic and operational overview of the following areas:

  • Operational waste collections
  • Recycling development
  • Residual waste treatment and disposal
  • Legislative and policy drivers
  • Efficiency opportunities
  • Stakeholder engagement
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