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We are committed to improving bus passenger journey times and service reliability in order to increase the use of public transport and reduce traffic pollution and congestion. The misuse of bus lanes can severely impact on journey times and cause frustration to motorists who adhere to the regulations.

Bus lane enforcement uses a digital camera system that records vehicles illegally making use of the city's bus lanes.

A charge notice of £60 may be issued to the registered keeper of the vehicle.

Who can drive in a bus lane when it is in operation?

Only buses, pedal cyclists, taxis, and licensed private hire cars can use the bus lane during its hours of operation.

What happens if I am caught driving in a bus lane?

The registered keeper of the vehicle can expect to receive a charge notice. It will contain details of the alleged contravention, details of the vehicle and three photographs that in the authority's opinion establish the contravention.

How much do I have to pay?

The charge is £60, however we will accept a reduced amount of £30 where we receive payment within 14 days of the date of issue. Payment may be made here. Photographs and video footage of the contravention can be viewed once the vehicle details and Bus Lane Charge Notice number have been entered.

Is there a right of appeal against a charge notice?

There is a right of appeal. The regulations set out the grounds on which the registered keeper can make representations to us; these are listed on the charge notice.

Appeals against a Charge Notice may be made here.

You can make representations against the Charge Notice within 28 days, beginning with the date of service. If you make representations out with this period then they may be rejected. We will send you a response. It will be either a "Notice of Acceptance" or a "Notice of Rejection."

If we reject your representation, you have the right to appeal to an independent adjudicator namely, the Parking and Bus Lane Tribunal Service. We will enclose the appropriate form to enable you to appeal to them with the "Notice of Rejection". If the Parking and Bus Lane Tribunal Service rejects your appeal, the amount payable will be the full £60.

Do not ignore a Bus Lane Enforcement Charge Notice

It will carry additional charges if it is not paid (or contested) promptly.

  • If payment remains outstanding 28 days after a 'Charge Notice' has been issued or after an appeal or representation has been refused we may issue a 'Charge Certificate' increasing the penalty by a further 50% of the original charge.
  • Upon the issue of a Charge Certificate, your right of appeal has been removed. If the Notice remains unpaid, it may be passed to our debt recovery agent for further action.

Live Chat

Glasgow City Council's Live chat is available during office hours for you to direct parking enquiries to live chat agents. Live Chat has been designed to help you navigate our website and to answer general queries. If your enquiry is more complex, you may be asked to contact us via our digital services or by telephone or email. When you access or use our live chat software, we will only ask you to provide the minimum amount of personal information necessary to assist you. At the end of your chat, you will be asked to complete a short survey about your experience. We will use this feedback to help improve and develop our live chat service. You can find out more about how we use the data you provide during live chat in our privacy statement

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