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Apply for a Footway Crossing (Dropped Kerb)

Under the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984, permission requires to be obtained from the local Roads Authority before a footway crossing can be installed. A footway crossing is formed by lowering the kerbs to allow residents to drive a vehicle across the footway to gain access between their property and the public road.  When you make an application for a footway crossing* in Glasgow we will carry out an assessment on site to ensure that the proposed location is suitable in both road safety and construction terms**. Once approved, you can arrange for a private civil engineering contractor subject to approval by the council.

To apply for permission, please complete  the footway crossing request form. An acknowledgement will be sent to you.

*Note that Planning Permission may be required for the installation of a driveway within your property and any such issues should be resolved before application is made to Glasgow City Council for a footway crossing. Contact Planning for advice or view our policy in the City Plan.

**In some instances, the camber or cross fall of the carriageway and/or the footway is such that the location is deemed to be unsuitable for the installation of a footway crossing.

What does it cost?

Costs can be found on our pdf icon Book of charges [469kb]

Note: A 10% Administration costs surcharge may be added to accounts charged to outside bodies/persons/agencies. This surcharge is 10% of the total cost pre VAT (if VAT is applicable).




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