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Education Maintenance Allowance

What is an EMA?

Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) is a weekly allowance paid to help young people in education beyond the statutory school leaving age of 16.

Please note payments for approved applications will commence 16 September 2022.  

Please refer to the payment schedule on the right hand side of this page for payment dates throughout the year.

Do I qualify for an EMA?

You qualify if you meet the following criteria

  • Household income must be what is detailed below
  • You attend a Glasgow School
  • You are aged 16 to 19 years old
  • You attend school for a minimum of 21 agreed learning hours per week
  • You are willing to participate in an approved learning agreement at school
  • You are willing to participate in an approved Activity Agreement ,this a tailored package of activity that has been designed around the young persons, interests, career aspirations and future skills needs. The activity agreement will be agreed between the student and their coach.

The INCOME THRESHOLD for the EMA Programme, Academic Year 2022/2023

Household Income    

  • £0 - £24,421                      1 Dependent Child                                                      
  • £0 - £26,884                      2+  Dependent Children

Dependent children are those up to the age of 16 and those over the age of 16 and up to the age 25 if they are in full time further or higher education.

How do I apply for an EMA

Sign up for MyAccount and apply online. This must be the Student's own account and not the parent / carer account.

Click on the Online Applications icon on the top right of the screen where you can register or log in if you already have an account.

If you need to update your MyAccount details, please do so via this link. Update MyAccount details

If you have forgotten your MyAccount password, you can reset it here Password Reset

What will I get?

Students will receive £30 every 2 weeks

Payment enquiries

Please contact your school for any payment enquiries in the first instance as missing payments could be due to attendance issues / non mark ups

Payments can be withheld due to unauthorised absence, lack of progress and/or conduct.

For all other enquires please contact us via our online enquiry form


If you are refused EMA support or feel the amount awarded is incorrect, you may appeal our decision

Appeals must be made via our Online Enquiry Form which can be found at the top right of this page or click on this link.

Appeals must be made within 28 days of us informing you of the outcome of your award and must state the reason for your appeal together with additional supporting evidence/information

The appeals process will take no longer 28 days. 

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