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Glasgow City Council

Reduce, Re-use and Donate

The Council is responsible for the management of over 300,000 tonnes of waste on an annual basis.  Residents and visitors to the city produce waste on a daily basis but small changes by individuals can make an impact, whether this is at home, at work, and while shopping.

  • Reducing or preventing the amount of waste produced - not creating avoidable waste in the first place
  • Re-using materials for their original purpose as much as possible - this can be supporting local re-use projects and charity shops
  • Repairingmaterials,rather than immediately replacing if they suffer damage or breakdown
  • Recycling what remains, by fully utilising using the council's kerbside recycling schemes, recycling centres and recycling points.

Further information on the reducing, re-using and recycling is available on the Recycle for Scotland website.

Further information on the National Re-Use Tool is available on the website.

Details on other re-use organisations within Glasgow and surrounding areas are also available on the Community Resource Network Scotland website.  Repair Hubs are another outlet available to residents which can contribute to reducing waste such as The Remade Network within Glasgow.

All of the aforementioned will contribute towards Glasgow moving towards a Circular Economy where materials and products are kept in high value use for as long as possible, benefiting the environment by cutting waste and carbon emissions.   The Council has produced and is implementing a Circular Economy Route Map 2020-30 and a Climate Change Plan.  Further information on both is available on the Sustainable Glasgow pages of the website.

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