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Glasgow City Council

Reduce, Re-use and Donate

National Re-use Phone Line

  • Phone 0800 0665 820

We were responsible for the management of approximately 290,000 tonnes of waste in 2014/15. Residents and visitors to the city produce waste on a daily basis but small changes by individuals can make an impact, whether this is at home, at work, while shopping.

  • Reducing or preventing the amount of waste produced - not creating avoidable waste in the first place
  • Re-using materials for their original purpose as much as possible - this can be supporting local re-use projects and charity shops
  • Recycling what remains, by fully utilising using the council's kerbside recycling schemes, recycling centres and recycling points.

Further information on the reducing, re-using and recycling is available on the Recycle for Scotland website.

We have actively been involved in the following:

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