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There are 32 allotment sites within Glasgow, of which over half are on land owned or leased by Glasgow City Council.

    Allotment Rules and Regulations Consultation

    About the consultation

    In line with the statutory requirements under Section 115 Allotment Site Regulations and Section 116 Allotment Site Regulations: Further provision of Part 9 Allotments of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 each Local Authority must make regulations about allotments in its area.

    Draft Rules and Regulations are under development to allow Glasgow City Council to meet our obligations under the legislation. In line with our obligations under the legislation we are consulting with persons appearing to the Local Authority to have an interest.

    Your feedback to the questions posed in the consultation will support the development of the finalised Rules and Regulations which will be applicable to all allotments sites on land owned or leased by Glasgow City Council for the purpose of providing allotments.

    The Process

    Read the proposed pdf icon Draft Allotment Rules and Regulations [251kb].

    Hard copies of the Draft Allotment Rules and Regulations are available to view free of charge at the following locations:

    Exchange House, 231 George Street, G1 1RX  

    Eastgate, 727 London Road, G40 3AQ

    Allotment sites on land owned or leased by Glasgow City Council.

    Visit the Consultation Hub to share your thoughts.

    Hard copies of the consultation questionnaire are available for collection from Eastgate, 727 London Road, G40 3AQ.

    To request consultation materials in an accessible format please contact the Food Growing team at

    Proposed timelines

    The consultation is open from 05 September 2023 until 30 October 2023. Hard copies of the consultation survey must be returned by this date to the following address - Eastgate, 727 London Road, G40 3AQ.

    There will be an opportunity for in-person representation in December 2023. Details to be confirmed.

    Responses to the consultation will be analysed, and any changes considered between December 2023 and February 2024.

    The revised Draft Allotment Rules and Regulations will be presented to the Environment and Liveable Neighbourhood Committee in March 2024 and the City Administration Committee in April 2024 for approval.

    The new Allotment Rules and Regulations will come into force in Spring 2024.

    Delegation of Management of Allotment Sites

    In due course, Glasgow City Council will publish a guide outlining the process for seeking delegation of duties by Allotment Associations as per Section 123 Delegation of management of allotment sites of Part 9 Allotments of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.

    Where can I find my nearest allotment?

    The link below provides details of where to find Park, Play Areas, Cemeteries, and Outdoor Recreation (including allotments).

    Am I eligible?

    To be eligible for renting an allotment plot in Glasgow applicants must reside within the Glasgow City boundary. Third sector organisations and community groups with registered address within the City boundary are also eligible to apply for plots.

    How much does it cost?

    The cost for plot rental per year depends on the size of the allotment plot. The sizing guidelines are listed below.

    • Full plot
    • Half plot
    • Fractional plots

    The table below details rental fees by plot size, over the next 5 years.

    PeriodPlot Size
     Full PlotFull Plot ConcessionHalf PlotHalf Plot ConcessionFractional Plot
    2023/24 (current)£34.50£25.00£17.25£12.50£8.65

    There may also be an Allotment Association membership fee that would be required to be paid.

    How do I apply for an allotment?

    As waiting lists are currently managed by individual allotment associations the associations should be contacted directly.

    How do I check where I am on the waiting list?

    Please contact the individual allotment association to find out where you are on the list.

    Where can I find the location of community growing spaces in Glasgow?

    Where can I find information about growing fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs?

    The How to Guide for Completing Missives

    How do I pay for my allotment?

    You can pay your invoice online here

    Once you are on our Pay It page you should scroll down to the heading Invoices and Other Bills and then click on Glasgow City Council Invoice. 

    Contact us

    If you would like further information please contact us by email, or alternatively on the postal address below:

    Food Growing Team
    Greenspace and Biodiversity
    Neighbourhoods, Regeneration and Sustainability
    Glasgow City Council
    Floor 1, Eastgate
    727 London Road
    G40 3AQ

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