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Conservation Area Appraisals

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Conservation Areas Appraisal

Glasgow currently has 25 Conservation Areas varying in character from the city centre and Victorian residential suburbs to a rural village and a former country estate.

To determine whether an area merits Conservation Area status a conservation area appraisal must be prepared. The purpose of a conservation area appraisal is to define what is important about its character and appearance and to identify its important characteristics. It is also a vital tool to enable the active management of the conservation area.

It identifies the area's special features and changing needs through a process which includes researching its historical development, carrying out a detailed townscape analysis and preparing a character assessment.

22 Approved Conservation Area Appraisals

The following 17 Conservation Area Appraisals are fully illustrated:

The following text-only appraisals are available and appendices can be viewed at the address below:

Current Consultations

The Council has prepared draft consultations documents for Dumbreck and Newlands Conservation Area Appraisal for Parks.  These documents provide an opportunity to review the existing conservation areas, identifying:

  • the key features which contribute positively to the areas unique character,
  • the challenges, which need to be addressed in order to protect its special architectural and historic interest,  
  • review existing conservation area boundaries and suggest changes where appropriate; and
  • identify opportunities for the preservation and enhancement of the conservation area

Residents, property owners and local groups have a major role to play in the preparation of conservation area appraisals and their involvement and support is fundamental to the success of the whole process.

The documents are available to view on the Consultation Hub, or on the right hand column under related documents.  If you wish to access paper copies these can be located at your local libraries and the council's enquiry desk at 231 George Street, Glasgow G1 1QU.

If you wish to make comments these can be Emailed to: to be received no later than 28 October 2019.

Postcard Packs

Postcard packs identifying the key features of the Carmunnock, St. Vincent Crescent, Dennistoun and Millbrae Conservation Areas have been produced and delivered to properties in these conservation areas.

Postcards can be viewed in PDF format:

Executive Summaries:

To Find out if you if you are in a conservation area or if your property is listed check the Property Search register.

If you require further details on the Conservation Area Appraisals please contact:

Planning and Building Standards
Glasgow City Council
231 George Street
Glasgow G1 1RX


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