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Unoccupied Property Discount

What is it?

A 10% or 50% discount on your Council Tax bill, where a property is unoccupied and furnished.

Second Home Discount10%
Short Term Empty Discount10%
Long Term Empty Discount10%
Job Related Second Home Discount50%


How does it work?

You need to apply for a discount, it will not automatically be granted when the property is unoccupied and furnished.

When you apply for this discount we need to know who is responsible for paying Council Tax for the property and we will require proof of the person responsible main residence during the empty period.

Acceptable proof of alternative residence:

  • Confirmation of the alternative address, if that address is in Glasgow.
  • Council Tax or bills confirming the alternative address, where address is not in Glasgow.

We don't normally need any other information but we will ask you some questions on the application to determine the level of discount.

We can periodically review all exemptions and discounts to check that the award is still correct.

How do I apply?

To apply for this discount please complete our pdf icon Application Form [168kb] and return it to the the address shown on the form along with your supporting documents. If you require further information on this discount, please complete our enquiry form or phone us on 0141 287 5050.

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