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The City Plan 2 Maps accompany the Plan and provide further information on how it should be interpreted and implemented.

Of particular importance is the PROPOSALS MAP that shows the location of the proposals contained in the Development Strategy.  Other maps support particular policies and related guidance.  The DEVELOPMENT POLICY PRINCIPLES MAPs set out broad land use designations across the City and provide an initial indication of the sorts of development that may be acceptable in them subject to consideration against the detailed policies of the Plan.  The ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY DESIGNATIONS MAPs set out, at 2009, environmental designations such as Listed Buildings, Sites of Special Scientific Interest, etc.  Many of these designations are made through separate legislation, often outwith the Plan cycle, and users should check with the Council for the latest position.

Other Maps (eg Strategic Industry and Business Areas and Public Transport Accessibility Zones) are also included to support particular policies.

Development Policy Principles

Environmental Policy Designations

Other City Plan 2 Maps

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