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Day Care or Day Opportunities

What is day care and day opportunities?

There are two main types of day services for older people:

  • Day care services are designed to support older people within a group setting. This form of support is delivered in a centre where a number of social activities and events are organised to help keep you active and stimulated during the day. There are also day care services available for people with dementia which offer this client group more specialist support
  • Day opportunities can provide older people with support in their own home on a one to one basis and can also help people access existing social and recreational activities within their local communities

How can I access day care services or day opportunities?

You will require an assessment for day care services. If you already have a social worker then you should continue to contact them in the usual way to request an assessment. If you do not have a Social Worker please contact Health and Social Care Connect on 0141 287 0555 to request an assessment for day care services or you can contact one of your local day care services directly by clicking on one of the links below.

How much do day care services cost?

We may ask you to make a contribution to the cost of your day care service. The maximum cost for day care service is £18.24 per day however any contribution will be based on your ability to pay and you will be offered the opportunity to complete a financial assessment form. If you attend a day care service where you will be served lunch and snacks, the centre will charge you separately for this.

Where are day care services based?

There are a number of day care services throughout the city. Please click on the links below for more information, including contact details:

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