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Equipment to Help at Home

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What is this and how can I get it?

If you have a disability or Chronic Medical condition, your quality of life can be greatly enhanced with expert advice and the right equipment. The Equipu Ask Sara website is a quick and easy way to enable you to access advice and signpost you to a range of suitable equipment that can help you with difficulties you may be experiencing with everyday activities. The website can be accessed through this link: Equipu Ask Sara.

If you think you need help from us, you can phone Health and Social Care Connect on 0141 287 0555, or your local Housing Landlord office, to make a referral for an assessment for equipment. If you prefer, you can ask someone to contact us on your behalf.

All referrals are prioritised and we use the information you give us to work out whether we can help you, and if so, how quickly we should see you. We will write to you within five working days of your request for help and the letter explains whether we can see you right away or if you are on a waiting list. In this situation, you may decide that you would wish to purchase equipment for yourself without the need for an assessment and you will be given advice on how to approach this. Examples of equipment you may choose to buy include:

  • Bath board/bath seat- to assist you to get in and out of the bath
  • Bath lifter-fits inside the bath and can lift the bather from near the bottom of the bath up to the height of the bath rim
  • Grab rails at bath or shower
  • Chair raisers to help you get in and out of a chair more easily

If your circumstances change and you cannot manage please let us know and we will look again at the help you need and how quickly we can help you.

If we think you need help, an occupational therapist (or social care worker) will contact you and, if required, visit you in your home to carry out an assessment advising you of practical solutions available to help you around your home. You will be asked about the problems you are facing and how you are coping at the moment and what you find difficult. You may be asked to demonstrate the nature of some of your problems so that we can fully appreciate them.

We will always try to meet your needs in the most reasonable and practical way.

What happens after I have been assessed for equipment?

If we are able to meet your needs and recommend that you require small equipment then we will arrange delivery and installation.

If we are considering specialist equipment we will inform you of what will happen next.

What equipment is available?

The occupational therapy service may be able to help if you have difficulty with:

  • getting in and out of the bath
  • getting in/out of bed
  • on/off a chair or toilet
  • managing steps into your home or stairs inside your home
  • managing everyday activities like making meals or getting dressed
  • hearing the doorbell, telephone, smoke alarm or television

What equipment will not be provided?

There will be circumstances where we cannot provide equipment, either, because:

  • this wouldn't be necessary to address the level of your current needs,
  • or the specific type of equipment that could assist you is not provided as it is easily obtainable from mainstream shops and suppliers (Please see list below)
  • please see word icon local suppliers of equipment [137kb]

Adjustable footstool


Rocker footstool

Bath mat

Kitchen trolley


Button hook

Long handled combs

Shoe horns

Chair rise cushion

Long handled sponge

Shower mat


Nail / Denture brush

Shower stool


Net bag and apron bag

Soap holder

Dycem mats

Non specialist trays

Static shower chair

Elastic laces

Peelers and graters

Tin openers

Hand spray

Pen grip

Toothpaste dispensers


Perching stool

Vary table

Handisocket / Extendaplug
(single / double)


Washing mitt



Wood frame chair



Zip pulling aid

How much does equipment cost?

All equipment we provide to you is loaned, free of charge. When you no longer need the equipment, we would ask you to return it to us.

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  • Phone 0141 287 0555

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