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Published: 6 April 2022


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Development Plan News

The Council will prepare regular updates to keep you informed of progress on City Development Plan 2.

It is anticipated that the timescale for the preparation of the next local development plan for Glasgow, Glasgow City Development Plan 2, will evolve in the latter part of 2021 to reflect the changes to the planning system which are anticipated at the national level.

Recent Activity

  • During January - March, the planning department reviewed and responded to the public consultations for National Planning Framework 4 and Local Development Plan Regulations. Please find a copy of our responses under 'Related documents'.
  • General background research.
  • Open Space Strategy (OSS), adopted February 2020 - the Glasgow Open Space Strategy was approved at the City Administration Committee on 6 February 2020.  The OSS is a corporate document that is informed by, and will help deliver, other strategies and plans of the Council, including CDP2.  Amongst other things, it sets out open space standards that will form the basis for CDP2's approach to open space issues and will also inform the production of Supplementary Guidance to support policy CDP6 of the current plan.  The OSS sets in motion the process for establishing a baseline for the city's open space needs over the coming decades.
  • Call for Sites exercise
  • SEA Scoping Report submitted to the Consultation authorities, May 2021
  • Early engagement with key statutory and non-statutory agencies.
  • CDP Delivery Programme, updated June 2021.
  • Publication of the housing Land Audit 2020 (July 2021).
  • Adoption of updated student accommodation guidance (August 2021).
  • Adoption of Spatial SG: SDF - City Centre (April 2021), SDF - Govan Partick (2020) and SDF - River (2020).

Upcoming Work

Completion of all adopted Glasgow City Development Plan outstanding Supplementary Guidance (SG):

  • Topic SG:
    • SG 3 - Economic Development
    • SG 6 - Green Belt and Green Network
    • SG12 - Delivering Development
  • Spatial SG:
    • SDF - Glasgow North (currently being finalised following public consulation)
    • SDF - Greater Easterhouse
    • SDF - Inner East (draft being finalised for public consultation)
  • Community engagement using the National Place Standard
  • Contributing to the preparation of a draft Regional Spatial Strategy which sets out the strategic development priorities for the wider Glasgow area.
  • Contributing to the preparation of a regional Housing Need and Demand Assessment which will set out the housing context and priorities for the Glasgow City Region


If you wish to be added to the Consultation Database for Glasgow City Development Plan 2 please subscribe by completing the online registration form.  If you have already requested to be kept informed you do not have to register again.

Please note we may use this information to keep you notified of other Development Plan related matters including consultation on the Open Space Strategy which will commence in the autumn.

Adopted Plan

Glasgow City Development Plan was adopted on 29 March 2017.


The latest Development Plan Scheme can be downloaded from the link provided below:


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