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Published: 6 April 2022


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Development Plan News

The Council will prepare regular updates to keep you informed of progress on City Development Plan 2.

It is anticipated that the timescale for the preparation of the next local development plan for Glasgow, Glasgow City Development Plan 2, will evolve in the latter part of 2021 to reflect the changes to the planning system which are anticipated at the national level.

Current Activity

The Development Plan team, in collaboration with Spatial Strategy team, is involved in a number of work streams relating to the preparation of City Development Plan 2 Evidence Gathering Stage including:

  • Gathering and Collating Evidence
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Local Place Plans
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Site Assessment Methodology
  • Forestry and Woodland Strategy
  • Play Sufficiency Assessment

Additionally, the teams are engaged in legacy work surrounding the adopted City Development Plan including:

  • Remaining Topic Supplementary Guidance:
    • SG 3 - Economic Development
    • SG 6 - Green Belt and Green Network
    • SG12 - Delivering Development
  • Remaining Spatial Supplementary Guidance:
    • SDF - Glasgow North
    • SDF - Greater Easterhouse
  • City Development Plan Delivery Programme
  • Non-statutory Planning Guidance

City Development Plan 2 Scheme

The most recent Development Plan Scheme was published in September 2022. The latest Scheme provides an indicative timescale for Glasgow City Development Plan 2 has been published in the most recent Development Plan Scheme which can be viewed at this link.  

Site Assessment

The Council undertook a Call for Sites exercise in January 2019. In previous regulations, the Call for Sites exercise allowed landowners and developers to put forward sites for consideration in the Development Plan preparation process. Since that time, the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019, (draft) NPF4 and (draft) Local Development Plan regulations have been published. The Call for Sites process has not been carried over into legislation or regulations and as such, the Call for Sites undertaken in January 2019 will not form part of the Evidence Report for City Development Plan 2.

In the draft Local Development Plan regulations, the Council can conduct a 'Call for Ideas' that would be held after the Evidence Report and Gate Check stages and inform the preparation of the Spatial Strategy. This would be open to all interested stakeholders and would not be limited to sites specific matters. The Development Plan team's current thinking is that this would be the point to engage with stakeholders on site specific matters.


If you wish to be added to the Consultation Database for Glasgow City Development Plan 2 please subscribe by completing the online registration form.  If you have already requested to be kept informed you do not have to register again.

Please note we may use this information to keep you notified of other Development Plan related matters including consultation on the Open Space Strategy which will commence in the autumn.

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