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Social Work Services Planning and Performance

What are Strategies, Plans and Performance?

Social Work Services have various strategies and plans which set out our strategic aims and objectives, and provide a framework for the planning and delivery of services. We produce the following plans:

Annual performance in respect of Social Work aims and objectives are reported in our pdf icon Annual Service Plan and Improvement Report [377kb] (ASPIR).

Our Planning and Performance structures are currently in the process of change as part of Health and Social Care Integration. You can read more about this, on our Health and Social Care Integration pages.

What is the Children's Service Plan?

This is an pdf icon Interim Children and Young People Services Plan [3Mb] covering the period 2015-2017.  This pdf icon Plan [3Mb] supports the national approach, Getting It Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) principles of promoting the wellbeing of children and early intervention and prevention.

The Children's Services Executive Group made the decision to prepare an pdf icon interim plan [3Mb] due to the new duties detailed in the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014, which will be rolled out over the next two years.  These duties will have a significant impact on how we plan and deliver children's services in the City. 

While this pdf icon interim plan [3Mb] gives us consistency from the previous plan 2013-2017, the pdf icon new plan [3Mb] for 2017-2020 will show the major changes and improvement we are currently working towards.

What is the Criminal Justice Strategic Plan?

The pdf icon Criminal Justice Strategic Plan [238kb] has been produced to inform the public, service users and staff of the strategic priorities of the Criminal Justice service in Glasgow. It describes the planning structure, partnership working and activity that is taking place to achieve national and local priorities.

What is the Joint Adult Services Plan?

Thepdf icon Joint Adult Services Plan for Glasgow City [180kb] sets out the joint vision, objectives and priorities for delivery of care and support services within the City. It addresses the needs and aspirations of vulnerable adults and older people.

Where can I read about Social Work Services Performance?

The Social Work Servicespdf icon Annual Service Plan and Improvement Report [377kb] (ASPIR) provides a progress report on the delivery of the Council Strategic Plan, Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) and major service priorities.

The aim of the ASPIR is to review targets set the previous year and provide contextual and statistical evidence about how well we have performed in meeting our objectives. The ASPIR also looks ahead to the next year and where necessary sets out our refreshed targets and milestones for the period.


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