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Safety at Sports Grounds

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What is it?

The Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975 and the Fire Safety and Safety of Places of Sport Act 1987, require certain sports grounds to apply to the local authority for a 'safety certificate'

Generally this means sports grounds with a capacity for more than 10,000 spectators (designated stadium), or stands in sports grounds providing covered accommodation for more than 500 spectators (regulated stand).

Information about safety at sports' grounds

Building Standards and Public Safety, along with Licensing, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue and the Scottish Ambulance Service make up Glasgow City Council's Safety Team for Sports Grounds. The Safety Team provides guidance to the managers of sports grounds to assist them in the assessment of how many spectators can be safely accommodated within a sports ground.

This is an ongoing process as sports grounds, like all other buildings, are subject to alteration and extension, particularly as sports grounds now also offer access for hospitality, conferences and use of the pitch area for non-sporting events.

Guidance on the safety of spectators at sports grounds can be found in the 'Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds', fifth edition, published by the Stationery Office.

The Service is always willing to offer advice to anyone involved in determining a safe capacity for a sports ground.  Should you have any cause for concern about safety of spectators attending a sports ground, you should contact the management of the sports ground in the first instance.

If you require a safety certificate

For information and advice on the following certificates please contact the Licensing Section.

  • Safety of Sports Grounds - General Certificate
  • Safety of Sports Grounds - Special Certificate
  • Regulated Stand Fire Safety - General Certificate

Enquiries on whether a sports ground requires a safety certificate, or applications for a safety certificate should be addressed to the Licensing Section.

Please refer to our Fees and Charges document for details of the current fees and accepted payment methods.

The application will not be accepted without the correct fee.




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