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Pre-application Advice

What is it?

The Council welcomes pre-application discussions between the applicant and its planning staff in advance of making an application for any scale of development.

Please note from Monday, 5 October 2020 there will be a charge for pre-application enquiries, except for householder enquiries. To find out the fees for the pre-application please see our section "Scale of Fees" below.

For Major Applications and for applications for new residential developments involving a new street, please refer to the Design Guide for New Residential Areas which provides a template of best practice for such applications.

A request as to whether a development requires planning permission will not be considered as a pre-application request. You can refer to our online guidance to see if you require Planning Permission. Alternatively submit a Planning Enquiry.

How to Apply

You should submit a Pre-application Enquiry by completing the online Pre-Application Request Form. Please note that all information you can provide, including floor plans, elevations, site layout plans, and photos will be useful and can be uploaded with the form.

Please note that to receive a response to a pre-application request you will need to have a specific site in mind and you will need to send us drawings and details of what you propose. You must submit a location plan at scale 1:1250 or similar, marking the site boundaries, or we will not be able to respond to your request.

You will receive within 28 working days a response from the Council either giving you feedback on your proposal, requesting further information, or suggesting a further meeting.

Scale of Fees

There will be a charge for such pre-application enquiries, except for householder enquiries commencing from Monday, 5 October 2020.

Pre-application queries for Listed Building Consent will be charged at the same rate as the linked planning application, if for external works. However, only one fee will be payable for each proposed project. There is no fee for Listed Building queries for internal works only.

The scale of fees is set out below:

Development Proposal                          


Service Provided


No charge         

  • Outcome letter or email.

Local (non-householder)*


  • Site visit (where required)
  • Outcome letter issued within 4 weeks including:
    • summary of key issues
    • indication of overall acceptability
    • policy appraisal
    • internal consultation with relevant teams (where relevant)
    • developer contributions (where relevant)
    • list of supporting information required with planning application.



  • Site visit (where required)
  • 1 meeting with relevant officers
  • Outcome letter issued 4 weeks (following last meeting) including the following information:
    • summary of key issues
    • indication of overall acceptability of proposal
    • policy appraisal
    • internal consultation with relevant teams
    • developer contribution
    • list of supporting information required with planning application.

Further meetings (including virtual meetings) necessitate a surcharge of £500 per additional meeting.

* As classified within The Town and Country Planning (Hierarchy of Developments) (Scotland) Regulations 2009.

How to make a payment

There will be a charge for pre-application enquiries from Monday, 5 October 2020 as stated below:

  • Pre-Application (Householder) - No Fee
  • Pre-Application (Non-householder) - Fee £150
  • Pre-Application (Major/National) - Fee £2,000

Payment should be made for applications by BACs payment to Glasgow City Council using the undernoted details:

BACs Payment Details:

  • Payee: Glasgow City Council
  • Sort Code: 834400
  • Account Number: 00796772
  • Reference No: PRE (and quoting the property address for the application) e.g. PRE231GeorgeSt

Pre-application Presentations to Committee

The Council offer the opportunity to developers to present their proposals to the Planning Applications Committee at pre application stage. These presentations take place at the end of the formal business of the Planning Applications Committee and the Committee deals with these items as a Consultative Forum. The presentation and subsequent discussion is minuted by the Council and the minute is made publicly available and can be included in the consultation report required to be submitted along with the planning application.

It is considered that this exercise allows developers to engage at pre application stage with elected members of the Council where emerging issues raised by any development proposal can be identified and taken into account before any application is submitted.

If you would want to take advantage of this opportunity please contact Ken Clark, Group Manager on Phone 0141 287 6091 in the first instance who will initiate the process.





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