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Pre-application Guidance

What is pre-application advice?

The Council welcomes pre-application discussions between the applicant and its planning staff in advance of making an application for any scale of development.

For Major Applications please refer to the Design Guide for New Residential Areas which provides a template of best practice for such applications.

Pre-application Presentations to Committee

The Council offer the opportunity to developers to present their proposals to the Planning Applications Committee at pre application stage. These presentations take place at the end of the formal business of the Planning Applications Committee and the Committee deals with these items as a Consultative Forum. The presentation and subsequent discussion is minuted by the Council and the minute is made publicly available and can be included in the consultation report required to be submitted along with the planning application.

It is considered that this exercise allows developers to engage at pre application stage with elected members of the Council where emerging issues raised by any development proposal can be identified and taken into account before any application is submitted.

If you would want to take advantage of this opportunity please contact Ken Clark, Group Manager on Phone 0141 287 6091 in the first instance who will initiate the process.





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