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Planning Certificate of Suitability (Section 50)

What is it?

Licensing (Scotland) Act: Section 50

This Section sets out the requirements for the production of certification showing compliance with relevant legislation, including planning legislation, when the Licensing Board is assessing the request for a Licence.

With regard to planning there will usually be documentation confirming the planning use of the premises under consideration. To confirm the planning use of premises you can either request the Planning History of the site, which would intimate the planning use of the premises.

Alternatively you can you can apply for a Certificate of Suitability.

How to apply

To apply for a Certificate of Suitability, please complete the Online Application Form.  There is a fee of £135 which should be made by BACs payment to Glasgow City Council.  Please see section below on "How to make a Payment".

Your application will be assessed and a Certificate of Suitability will be issued if there is appropriate planning permission in place.

A certificate can only be issued when the type of licence applied for corresponds exactly with the approved planning use, e.g. public house or the planning permission specifically mentions the licence type you have applied for and the plans submitted to the licensing board corresponds to those approved by planning permission.

If you cannot meet the requirements of this certificate you are advised to contact, Planning and Building Standards Services, for further advice as soon as possible by Email.  In these circumstances it is likely that an application will have to be submitted to the Planning Authority.  For further information please click here.

Should the premises not have the appropriate consent, you can apply for it Online.

How to make a payment

The fee of £135 should be made for the application by BACs payment to Glasgow City Council, Planning and Building Standards, 231 George Street, Glasgow using the undernoted details:

BACs Payment Details:

  • Payee: Glasgow City Council
  • Sort Code: 834400
  • Account Number: 00796772
  • Reference No: S50 (and quoting the property address for the application)







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