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Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA)

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What is it?

EqIA is a method or tool for assessing the effects or impacts of a council policy or function on removing barriers to equality. Research shows that the way organisations do things can have unintentional negative effects on groups of citizens; this is known as institutional discrimination.

The Equality Act 2010 introduced a new public sector equality duty which requires public authorities to try and eliminate discrimination; promote equality and good relations across a range of protected characteristics.

Equality impact assessment (EqIA) is one way to ensure public policies meet these legal requirements. We have revised our equality impact assessment process to take into account the change in legislation and the addition of protected groups. For guidance on the EqIA process view our pdf icon EQIA Guidance October 2023 [351kb] for members of the staff.

Equality Impact Assessments completed during 2023/2024

EqIA Reports Available
pdf icon Sauchiehall Street Precinct Avenue NRS [523kb]pdf icon Review of Unmet Demand of Taxis and Separately Overprovision of Private Hire Cars in Glasgow CED [280kb]
pdf icon St Georges Road, Charing Cross (TM&PC) Order 202 NRS [342kb]pdf icon Raeberry Street - North Carriageway (Stopping Up) Order 202 NRS [249kb]
pdf icon Mount Street, Simpson Street (TR&PC) Order 20 NRS [245kb]pdf icon Short Term Lets EqIA Screening and Review CED [223kb]
pdf icon HR Commercial & Bulk [146kb]pdf icon Employment EqIA Eastgate NRS [158kb]
pdf icon HR Public Space CCTV NRS [152kb]pdf icon HR Community Enforcement NRS [156kb]
pdf icon HR Graffiti Removal NRS [149kb]pdf icon Glasgow's Local Housing Strategy 2023 to 2028 NRS [368kb] 
pdf icon Review of Topographical Test Requirement for Taxi Driver Applicants [231kb]pdf icon Review of Backflash in Private Hire Cars Policy [207kb]
pdf icon Child Poverty (Local Child Poverty Action Reports) 2023 [479kb]
pdf icon PRW Streamline Review Variation No1 [191kb]
pdf icon CCTRO v39 Bothwell Street NRS [194kb]pdf icon HR - Transfer CED Financial Inclusion to HSCP - Pensioner Poverty [173kb]
pdf icon HR - Financial Inclusion & Transformation Team including transfer of Pensioner Poverty team to HSCP [189kb]pdf icon Licensing Short Term Lets - EQIA Screening and September Review [227kb]
pdf icon Review of 7 Age Limitation Policy Private Hire Cars - EQIA Screening [253kb]pdf icon HR - Economic Development - Service Reform [124kb]
pdf icon CED Hope St Bus Stop Improvements Phase 1 [192kb]pdf icon North East Active Travel Routes - Phase 1 [290kb]
pdf icon Positioning of Private Hire Car License ID Plates Review CED [190kb]pdf icon Criminal Record Checks - Taxi Drivers and Separately Private Hire Car Drivers Review CED [225kb]
pdf icon Licensing and regulation of Sexual Entertainment Venues (SEVs) in Glasgow CED [270kb]pdf icon Revision of a tariff structure to support the development of the electric vehicle charge (EV) network [194kb]
pdf icon Red Broomfield Balornock Wallacewell Northgate Roads TRO [225kb]pdf icon Wallacewell Northern Service Road and Balornock Service Road RDO [231kb]
pdf icon New Sustainable Procurement Strategy CED [245kb]pdf icon 2023-2024 Budget restriction for Scottish Welfare Fund [195kb]
pdf icon City Centre Strategy 2024-2030 [127kb] 


Equality Impact Assessments completed during 2022/2023

EqIA reports available
word icon Positioning of Private Hire Car Licence ID Plates [122kb]word icon CRC Taxi - Private Hire Car Drivers GM (002) [131kb]
word icon 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships Activation Project [48kb]word icon People’s Palace and Winter Gardens- Stakeholder Engagement [69kb]
pdf icon Liveable Neighbourhoods Plan [349kb]word icon Cost of Living Crisis Support Fund [405kb]
word icon Waste Strategy (Employment Assessment) [57kb]word icon St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art - Stakeholder Engagement [62kb]
pdf icon City Centre No.33 (Riverside and Merchant City) [209kb]pdf icon EEqIA CBS Parking Team Move [131kb]
pdf icon Licensing of Short Term Lets (STL) September 2022 [220kb]pdf icon City Property Service Reform Phase 1 & 2 [129kb]
word icon Taxi and Private Hire Cars - Implications of implementing the Low Emission Zone [136kb]word icon Installation of Fixed Side Step on Taxis [134kb]
word icon Private Hire Cars - Consideration of 7 year age limitation policy for private hire cars reintroduced [133kb]word icon No One Left Behind Programme [182kb]
word icon Hillhead (Traffic Management and Parking Controls) Order 20 [138kb]word icon Child Poverty (Glasgow's LCPAR) 2021-22 [658kb]
word icon Glasgow Communities Fund (GCF) - Phase Two 2023-2026 [183kb]word icon Implementation of Social Listening Software [134kb]
pdf icon Holland Street Avenue [1Mb]pdf icon Glasgow's Housing Contribution Statement [280kb]
pdf icon Tidal Weir Centre and South [176kb]word icon Dressing the City (Screening form) [120kb]
word icon Hybrid Meetings [46kb]pdf icon Non-Residential Charging Policy [208kb]
word icon Access and Integrity of the Waterfront: Tradeston Bridge [53kb]word icon Access and Integrity of the Waterfront: Windmillcroft Quay [150kb]
pdf icon Catering & FM - Change of Office Location to Rowan Park [155kb] 


Equality Impact Assessments completed during 2021/2022

EqIA reports available
word icon Licensing and Regulation of Sexual Entertainment Venues ( [968kb]word icon People's Palace and Winter Gardens- Stakeholder Engagement [69kb]
word icon Avenues programme: Cambridge St (North) to Renfrew St [155kb]word icon Ash Dieback [126kb]
word icon Active Travel Strategy [54kb]word icon National Park City [44kb]
word icon Secure on Street Cycle Parking [131kb]word icon Strategic Plan for Cycling 2018 Review [137kb]
word icon Winter Maintenance Plan [46kb]pdf icon City Centre Recovery Plan 2022-24 (CCRP) [243kb]
pdf icon Argyle Street West Avenue Updated [7Mb]pdf icon Employment - Community Payback Services – Service Reform [109kb]
word icon TRO George Square [120kb]word icon Young Persons Guarantee [72kb]
word icon Provision of pay as you go car club service [121kb]pdf icon Hyndland, Hughenden and Dowanhill West Traffic Management and Parking Controls (Variation No 1) Order 2019 [263kb]
pdf icon Screening Form for GCC (Kelvin Way)(Traffic Management) Order 202_ [268kb]word icon Screening Form for City Deal Clyde Waterfront and West End Innovation Quarter Byres Road Public Realm [166kb]
pdf icon Screening Form for Bilsland Drive (Traffic Regulation) Order 20__ [211kb] pdf icon Screening Form for Hawthorn Street (Traffic Regulation) Order 20__ [261kb]
word icon Application of Maximising Attendance and Sick Pay Principles During Covid19 [121kb]word icon COVID 19 Recovery Planning – Glasgow Life – Events, Festivals, Services and Programme Re-activation [69kb]
pdf icon Glasgow’s Active Travel Strategy 2022-2031 [418kb]word icon Introduction of New Process for the Issue of Staff Travel Passes [108kb]
pdf icon Hybrid Working [98kb] 


Equality Impact Assessments completed during 2020/2021

EqIA Assessments
pdf icon Catering & FM - Change of Office Location [329kb]word icon Car Park attendants - Controllers - Office staff [54kb]
pdf icon Equality Impact Assessment - Spaces for People [414kb]word icon City Parking - Off Street Enforcement [43kb]
pdf icon Spaces for People EQIA screening [382kb]word icon Transitional Fund (draft 15 September 2020) [42kb]
word icon Venue Recovery Plan - Linn Adventure Playground [40kb]pdf icon Traffic regulation order - Dalmarnock [507kb]
word icon Item 1 - EQIA Climate Emergency Implementation Plan [172kb]pdf icon HR Application of annual leave provision during COVID 19 [262kb]
word icon Item 6 - EQIA E-Scooter Trial [121kb]pdf icon HR Application of maximising attendance and sick pay principles during COVID 19 [173kb]
word icon Item 7 - EQIA Private Lanes Strategy [126kb]pdf icon HR Supporting employees during COVID 19 (mental health) [170kb]
word icon Item 8 - EQIA Circular Economy Routemap [160kb]pdf icon HR Working arrangements during COVID 19 [177kb]
pdf icon HR Application of home working principles during COVID-19 [175kb]word icon Parking Enforcement / Bus Lane Enforcement [132kb]
pdf icon HR Application of discipline appeals procedures [178kb]word icon City Parking - Parking Attendant [52kb]
pdf icon HR Pay principles during COVID-19 [265kb]pdf icon Spaces for Everyone [382kb]
pdf icon HR Volunteering programme [184kb]pdf icon Glasgow Transport strategy [533kb]
pdf icon City Parking (Glasgow) LLP transfer to Glasgow City Council [202kb]pdf icon Review of Jobs and Business Glasgow (employability services and business/enterprise services) [259kb]
word icon Ecological Emergency Working Group Recommendations [43kb]word icon Roads Annual Status and Options Report (ASOR) - Asset Deterioration [41kb]
word icon Roads Annual Status and Options Report (ASOR) - Asset Improvement [41kb]word icon Venue Recovery Plan - Castlemilk Sports Centre [36kb]
word icon Outdoor Football Pitch(es) - Community Activation Pilot [39kb]word icon Venue Recovery Plan - Emirates Arena [37kb]
word icon Venue Recovery Plan - Maryhill Lesuire Centre [40kb]word icon Venue Recovery Plan - Springburn Glasgow Club [37kb]
word icon Venue Recovery Plan - Donald Dewar Lesuire Centre [35kb]word icon Venue Recovery Plan - Facilities for use by Education establishment [33kb]
word icon Venue Recovery Plan - Kelvin Hall [37kb]word icon Venue Recovery Plan - Bellahouston Glasgow Club [37kb]
word icon Venue Recovery Plan - Glasgow Green Football & Hockey Centre [37kb]word icon Venue Recovery Plan - Tollcross International Swimming & Gorbals Lesuire Centre [38kb]
word icon Venue Recovery Plan - Toryglen Regional Football Centre [36kb]word icon Venue Recovery Plan - Tramway [38kb]
word icon Venue Recovery Plan - Royal Concert Hall and City Halls [37kb]word icon Venue Recovery Plan - Glasgow Libraries [44kb]
word icon Venue Recovery Plan - Glasgow Museums [49kb]word icon Venue Recovery Plan - Mitchell Library [45kb]
word icon Council Family Review - Review of Development and Regeneration and Neighbourhoods and Sustainability [47kb]word icon Venue Recovery Plan - Reopening Scotstoun Sports Campus and Leisure Centre [36kb]
word icon Winter Maintenance Plan 2020-21 [40kb]word icon St. Andrew's Drive Cycle Route [35kb]
word icon Clyde Tunnel North Approach Bridges Waterproofing and Maintenance Painting [39kb]word icon Fuel Tank Islands Development [39kb]
word icon Multi-Storey Car Parks - Concrete Repairs [39kb]word icon Implementation of the changes to Theatre Licensing [38kb]
word icon Tidal Weir North Gate Upgrade/Refurbishment [35kb]word icon Spaces for Everyone People - Temporary Measures to Enable Physical Distancing [60kb]
word icon City Deal Clyde Waterfront & West End Innovation Quarter: Govan-Partick Bridge [46kb]word icon Glasgow Investment Strategy 2019-2023 [41kb]
word icon Glasgow Guarantee Refresh [51kb]word icon Implementation of Phase 1 of East City Way Cycle Route on London Road and Hamilton Road [38kb]
word icon Implementation of 30mph speed limit on London Road and Hamilton Road [51kb]word icon Education Appeals Committee (EAC) [39kb]
word icon Child Poverty [416kb]word icon Children's Holiday Food Programme [38kb]
word icon Tradeston Bridge - Access and Integrity of the Waterfront [47kb]word icon Introduction of tariff structure to support the development of electric vehicle charge (EV) network [40kb]
word icon Launch of Clean Glasgow Strategy 2021-2026 [42kb]word icon DigitalBoost programme [46kb]
word icon Licensing and Regulation of Sexual Entertainment Venues in Glasgow [715kb]word icon Glasgow Life COVID 19 Recovery Plan - Community Libraries [54kb]
word icon Household Bulk Waste Service Charge [128kb]word icon Council Family Review Phase 4 – Review of Development and Regeneration and Neighbourhoods and Sustainability. [128kb]


Equality Impact Assessments completed during 2019/2020

EqIA Assessments
pdf icon Homecare Recruitment strategy 2019 [271kb]pdf icon Local biodiversity action plan [211kb]
pdf icon Queen Margaret Drive TRO [75kb]pdf icon Financial Inclusion strategy 2020-2025 [273kb]
pdf icon Robroyston Station TRO [42kb]pdf icon Burleigh St Langlands Road TRO [207kb]
pdf icon Winter Maintenance Plan [199kb]pdf icon North Kelvin 20mph [588kb]
pdf icon Digital media 2019 [205kb]pdf icon Road Infrastructure Asset Improvement [196kb]
pdf icon Road infrastructure asset deterioration [195kb]pdf icon 20mph Speed Limits Update [208kb]
pdf icon Plastic reduction strategy [203kb]pdf icon Glasgow Open Space Strategy [231kb]
pdf icon Glasgow Club Petershill Timetable review [170kb]pdf icon Glasgow Life Football Pitch Pricing Review [670kb]
pdf icon Glasgow Life group cycle spaces [186kb]pdf icon GL Group Fitness Classes [201kb]
pdf icon Sighthill 20mph zone [255kb]pdf icon New operating model for artic drivers [576kb]
pdf icon Employment Artic FV [553kb]word icon Food Growing Strategy [40kb]
pdf icon Electric vehicle Charge Point Policy [199kb]pdf icon Merchant Acquirer Equipment and Payment Gateway Services [208kb]
pdf icon Provision of Bill Payment Services [188kb]word icon Clyde Tunnel Lighting SCADA Control [123kb]
pdf icon Eastern Depot Closure [171kb]word icon Eastern Depot Closure HR [39kb]
pdf icon CCTV Policy Taxis and Private Hire Cars [197kb]pdf icon Mobile Home Sites with Permanent Residents [209kb]
pdf icon Property and Land strategy 2019-2029 [411kb]pdf icon Dalmarnock Traffic Regulation Order [507kb]
pdf icon Kerbside Collection Frequency Changes - Three weekly collections [198kb]word icon Fleet Strategy (March 2019) [41kb]
word icon Glasgow City Council (South Side Car Club) Traffic Regulation Order [40kb]word icon Strathclyde Passenger Transport - Bus Stop Enhancements Phase 1 [27kb]


Equality Impact Assessments completed during 2018/2019

EqIA Assessments
pdf icon RUGGEDISED [312kb]pdf icon Good Growing - allotments and greenspaces [241kb]
pdf icon Integrated Grants Fund [231kb]pdf icon Woodside (mandatory 20mph speed limit zone) Order [296kb]
pdf icon Increased early years income linked to service expansion [214kb]pdf icon Banking Services Tender [227kb]
pdf icon Glasgow Recycling and Renewable Energy Centre (GRREC) [230kb]pdf icon Greendyke Street Traffic Calming [232kb]
pdf icon Kelvin Active Travel Route [210kb]pdf icon Woodside Mandatory 20mph Speed Limit Zone [296kb]
pdf icon On-Street Secure Cycle Parking [230kb]pdf icon Tidal Weir North Gate upgrade refurbishment [889kb]
pdf icon Winter Maintenance Plan (WMP) 2018-19 [231kb]pdf icon Transfer of ownership of Community Central Halls [446kb]
pdf icon Travel Management Services [227kb]pdf icon Income Management [253kb]
pdf icon Vehicle and Plant Equipment Recovery Services [222kb]pdf icon Play Area safer surfacing [229kb]
pdf icon Water Row Masterplan [300kb]pdf icon Occupational Health Services [195kb]
pdf icon Glasgow Recycling and Renewable Energy Centre (GRREC) [230kb]pdf icon Energy Carbon Masterplan (ECMP) [307kb]
pdf icon Tidal Weir [221kb]pdf icon Joint Health Protection Plan [250kb]
pdf icon Road Safety Inspection and Repair Policy [530kb]pdf icon Environmental Health update [313kb]
pdf icon Community Safety Glasgow (CSG) Transfer to GCC [251kb]pdf icon Cordia transfer to GCC [252kb]
pdf icon Pensioner Poverty [316kb]pdf icon Invest to Improve - Financial and Digital Inclusion [330kb]
pdf icon Sports Pricing EQIA - Final [672kb]pdf icon Revised opening hours - sports centres [362kb]
pdf icon Aye Write Book Festival 2019 [1Mb]pdf icon CSG (Submission to GCC April 2018) Updated Feb 2019 [621kb]
pdf icon Adults at risk of harm 2018 [196kb]pdf icon Electric Vehicle Policy [233kb]
pdf icon Roads Infrastructure Status and Options Report [189kb]pdf icon Station Road, Millerston - traffic restriction order [316kb]
pdf icon City Deal Clyde Waterfront & West End Innovation Quarter - Govan/Partick Bridge [267kb]pdf icon Revised booking and administrative fees structure (2019) [223kb]
pdf icon Committee Services - Webcasts [190kb]pdf icon Mobile Home sites with permanent residents [253kb]
pdf icon Corporate Debt Policy 2019 [358kb]pdf icon Reduction in use of plastics [247kb]
pdf icon Secure on-street cycle parking [233kb]pdf icon Burrell Collection [367kb]
pdf icon Street litter bin replacement programme [268kb]pdf icon Community Learning and Development Strategic Plan 2018-2021 [561kb]
pdf icon South East Glasgow equality screening [419kb]pdf icon Strategic Plan for Cycling [80kb]
pdf icon Low Emission ZOne (LEZ) [368kb]pdf icon Neighbourhood Model [238kb]
pdf icon Unmet demand of taxis and overprovision of private hire cars [284kb]pdf icon Toilet Provision (Tramway) [546kb]
pdf icon Corporate Procurement & Commercial Improvement Strategy 2018-22 [443kb]pdf icon Garrowhill Surface Water Management Plan [245kb]
pdf icon Central Scotland Green Network Concordat [214kb]pdf icon Climate Emergency Working Group [205kb]
word icon Hope St-Renfield Street Bus Stop Improvements [36kb]word icon GCC City Centre - Traffic Management Bus Priority [34kb]
word icon East City Way Phase 1 - London Road [36kb]word icon Connecting Woodside [41kb]
word icon North East Active Travel Routes (Wallacewell Rd) [35kb]word icon North East Active Travel Routes [36kb]
pdf icon Barras Public Realm Project (Phase 1 and 2) [481kb] 


Equality Impact Assessments completed during 2017/2018

EqIA Assessments
pdf icon Cleland Street (Traffic Regulation) Order [42kb]pdf icon Glasgow Housing Strategy 2017 to 2021 [124kb]
pdf icon City Centre Commercial Waste Pilot Project [217kb]pdf icon City Centre Enabling Infrastructure Integrated Public Realm - Sauchiehall Street Avenue [299kb]
Glasgow Community Planpdf icon Community Asset Transfer [225kb]
pdf icon City Centre (Traffic Management) Order 2010 (Variation No20) Candleriggs Order [47kb]pdf icon Glasgow Community Justice Transition Project [253kb]
pdf icon Glasgow City Development Plan [623kb]pdf icon Burleigh Street Langlands Road (Traffic Regulation) Order [230kb]
pdf icon RUGGEDISED [311kb]pdf icon Glasgow Local Biodiversity Action Plan [233kb]
pdf icon Energy & Carbon Masterplan review 2015 [304kb]pdf icon The Environmental Health Annual Report 2017-18 [237kb]
pdf icon Smokefree Legislation Enforcement [256kb]pdf icon Planning Enforcement Charter 2018 [209kb]
pdf icon Bin Replacement Programme [211kb]pdf icon Arrangements for Dealing With Participation Requests as Part of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 [264kb]
pdf icon South City Way [3Mb]pdf icon The banning of mass releases of balloons and sky lanterns from Council land [281kb]
pdf icon Low Emission Zone [363kb]pdf icon The Report on the Glasgow Airport Consultation 2018 [228kb]
pdf icon Food Waste [195kb]pdf icon Sports Pricing [601kb]
pdf icon Greater Easterhouse Integrated Green Infrastructure (Phase 1) [250kb]pdf icon 20mph Calton and Barras [292kb]
pdf icon Muirhead Road Bridge Replacement [202kb]pdf icon Bin Replacement Programme [191kb]
pdf icon Household Food Waste Collections [195kb]pdf icon Business Continuity Policy Equality Impact Ass Feb 2017 [183kb]
pdf icon CSG - Health & Safety EqIA (March 2017) [197kb]pdf icon Housekeeping Standards Policy Impact Ass March 2017 [125kb]
pdf icon CSG - Housekeeping Standards Policy (March 2017) [125kb]pdf icon Eastgate Security Policy Equality Impact Ass Jan 2017 [125kb]
pdf icon Planning Enforcement Charter 2018 [209kb]pdf icon MGSDP Cardowan SWMP Greater Easterhouse Integrated Green Infrastructure Phase 1 [250kb]


Equality Impact Assessments completed during 2016/2017

EqIA Assessments
pdf icon Resilient Glasgow Strategy [397kb]pdf icon Queens Park to Muirend Cycle Route [234kb]
pdf icon A728 Polmadie Rd to Biggar St (30mph Speed Limit) Order 2016 [223kb]pdf icon Glasgow Housing Register - Northwest (GHR) Pilot [101kb]
pdf icon Poverty Leadership Panel [286kb]pdf icon Seven Lochs Wetland Park [373kb]
pdf icon Social Work Services - Mobile Working [208kb]pdf icon Update of the Parks Management Rules [368kb]
pdf icon Hillhead Area Traffic Management Order [46kb]pdf icon Springburn Road Redetermination Order [205kb]
pdf icon Citywide Bus Lanes Variation Order [46kb]pdf icon European Social Fund Employability Pipeline 2016 to 2018 [219kb]
pdf icon City Deal Enabling Infrastructure Integrated Public Realm (EIIPR) [197kb]pdf icon CSG - Government Protective Marking Scheme (GPMS) Guidelines [188kb]
pdf icon CSG - Taxi Use Policy [188kb]pdf icon CSG - TARA Crisis Response Briefing Paper [191kb]
pdf icon CSG - Corporate Social Responsibility Statement [198kb]pdf icon Partick Bus Station (Traffic Regulation) Order 2016 [207kb]
pdf icon City Deal Enabling Infrastructure Integrated Public Realm (EIIPR) - Tree planting in Sauchiehall Street [197kb] 


Equality Impact Assessments completed during 2015/2016

EqIA Assessments and Screenings
pdf icon Change in Volunteering shift pattern [623kb]pdf icon Saturated fat in takeaway meal project [223kb]
pdf icon Glasgow Life Charging Policy Review 2015/16 [221kb]pdf icon Tomorrow's Support Service Programme - CBS Service Reform - Phase 1a Education Services [158kb]
pdf icon Energy and Carbon Masterplan [206kb]pdf icon Waste Strategy 2015-2020 - HR [721kb]
pdf icon Financial Inclusion Impact Assessment Review summary [146kb]pdf icon Financial Inclusion Impact Assessment Review Appendix [141kb]
pdf icon CSG - Persistent Vexatious Complainers Policy [124kb]pdf icon CSG - Learning & Development Policy [119kb]
pdf icon CSG - Information Security Policy [62kb]pdf icon CSG - Employee Performance Management Policy [119kb]
pdf icon CSG - Critical Incident Policy [119kb]pdf icon CSG - Complaints, Comments and Compliments Policy [125kb]
pdf icon CSG - Appeals Procedure (Termination of Employment) [119kb]pdf icon Household Food Waste Collection [316kb]
pdf icon Waste Strategy 2015 - 2020 [283kb]pdf icon Maternity, Adoption & Shared Parental Leave & Pay Provision [4Mb]
pdf icon Electric Vehicle Parking Policy [209kb]pdf icon City Centre Traffic Management Order [47kb]
pdf icon JBG - Shared Parental Leave [130kb]pdf icon Greater Easterhouse Integrated Green Infrastructure Phase 1 [235kb]
pdf icon CSG - Health and Safety Policy [192kb]pdf icon CSG - Policy on the re-use of Public Information Regulations 2015 [210kb]
pdf icon CSG - Data Breach Procedure [187kb]pdf icon CSG - Clear Desk Policy [187kb]
pdf icon Addiction Service Reform of Purchased Community Support Services - Development of Purchased Community Alcohol and Drug Recovery Services [213kb] 


Equality Impact Assessments completed during 2014/2015

Equality Impact Assessments
pdf icon Glasgow City Centre Transport Strategy 2014-2024 [518kb]pdf icon Integrated Grant Fund Review [347kb]
pdf icon City Building website [176kb] 

Equality Impact Screenings

pdf icon Education Services technical adjustments related to budgetary reductions [216kb]pdf icon Joint Efficiency savings, Education Services and Cordia [209kb]
pdf icon School Meals fees and charges [210kb]pdf icon National Dance School Residency [187kb]
pdf icon School Meals fees and charges [151kb]pdf icon Integration Scheme for Glasgow City Council and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde [141kb]
pdf icon Review of Catchment Areas [190kb]pdf icon Employee Engagement Strategy [144kb]
pdf icon Rephrasing of 4R's programme [209kb]pdf icon Review of Early Years Childcare Provision [212kb]
pdf icon Promoting Positive Relationships (PPR) Inclusion [380kb]pdf icon Alignment of free home to school transport to the statutory minimum [218kb]
pdf icon PC Power Shutdown in Primary Schools [209kb]pdf icon Management Rules for Cemeteries [128kb]
pdf icon Cordia - Facilities Management Janitorial Review [201kb]pdf icon Facilitative Mediation (pilot) to support the Council's bullying and harassment policy [149kb]
pdf icon Review of the Breakfast Service [211kb]pdf icon Introduction of P1 maximum intakes [206kb]
pdf icon Glasgow Life - Volunteering Policy [470kb]pdf icon Cordia Care Services - Budget Review 2013/14 [197kb]
pdf icon Cordia - Homes for Life Review - Hawthorn House (Phase 1) [138kb]pdf icon Tomorrow's Support Services [251kb]
pdf icon Tomorrow's Support Services - HR [156kb]pdf icon CSG - Fundraising Procedure [46kb]
pdf icon CSG - Guidelines for Email Users [43kb]pdf icon CSG - Guidelines on Social Media [43kb]
pdf icon CSG - Employee Welfare Assistance Policy [52kb]pdf icon CSG - Alcohol and Drug Misuse [52kb]
pdf icon CSG - Gambling Addiction in Employment [52kb]pdf icon CSG - Code of Practice (Disabled) [53kb]
pdf icon CSG - Information Security [46kb]pdf icon CSG - Code of Practice (Transgender) [54kb]
pdf icon CSG - Lone Worker [45kb]pdf icon CSG - Social Media Policy [46kb]
pdf icon CSG - Mental Health and Wellbeing [53kb]pdf icon CSG - Risk Management [45kb]
pdf icon CSG - Policy and Guidance on ICT Use [43kb]pdf icon CSG - Stress Management Policy [53kb]
pdf icon CSG - Records Management [45kb]pdf icon CSG - Guidance on Workplace adjustments [53kb]
pdf icon CSG - Recruitment and Employment of Ex-offenders [53kb]pdf icon CSG - Domestic Abuse in Employment [52kb]
pdf icon Energy and Carbon Masterplan [206kb] 


Equality Impact Assessment completed during 2013/2014

Equality Impact Assessments
pdf icon Glasgow Life - Volunteering Policy [470kb]pdf icon Co-operative Glasgow Business Development Fund [440kb]

Equality Impact Screenings

pdf icon Reform of Directly Provided Day Services for Adults with Learning Disabilities (LD) [216kb]pdf icon Design Guide For New Residential Areas [192kb]



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