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Approved Premises

Contact Food Safety

  • Phone 0141 287 1059

What types of food premises require to be approved?

Whilst most food premises will require only to register as a food business, certain premises require to be approved under EC Regulation 853/2004.

Food businesses which are involved in the production, preparation or handling of products of animal origin (meat, poultry, fish, seafood, dairy products) for supply to other businesses will require approval in most cases.

There are certain exemptions to this depending on the exact processes taking place and the extent of the supply to other businesses. If you supply products of animal origin to other food businesses it is recommended that you contact us on 0141 287 1059 to discuss approval in more detail with an officer.

How do I apply for approval?

You can apply for approval by completing and returning the approval application form. Part 8 of the application form requires provision of additional information/documentation and this should be returned with the application form.

An application for approval will not be considered unless a food safety management system specific to the business is submitted. If you do not have a food safety management system, the My Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (MyHACCP) tool may assist you in developing this.

Please note that you must not carry out any processes requiring approval until the application has been completed and approval granted.

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