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Food Sampling

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Why do officers from Environmental Health take samples?

We aim to ensure that food produced, handled, distributed, stored and consumed within the City by businesses is safe and complies with the Food Information (Scotland) Regulations 2014.

What kinds of samples are taken?

There are two types of food samples taken -  samples for microbiological examination, and samples for chemical analysis.

Microbiological samples are taken to detect for food pathogens or hygiene indicator organisms.

Chemical samples are taken to determine the composition of the food. This could be to verify labelling information or to establish whether there is a food crime being committed e.g. substitution by a cheaper ingredient.

How will I know if samples have been taken from my premises?

For unsatisfactory microbiological sample results the business will be notified in writing and the premises may also be visited by a food officer.

Chemical sample results will be notified in writing.

What is a Formal Sample?

Formal sampling will be undertaken in circumstances where it is possible that prosecution may follow as a result of the samples failing to meet the required standards. Formal samples require to be obtained in accordance with the Food Safety (Sampling and Qualifications) Regulations 1990 and the Food Safety Act 1990 Code of Practice. The owner/seller of the food will be notified of any formal sampling activity.

Should I have my own sampling strategy for the foods I produce?

Food business operators who are responsible for the manufacture of products have a duty to ensure their product complies with legislation concerning food labelling and the microbiological criteria for foodstuffs. Therefore, manufacturers are required to arrange for the sampling and analysis of their products at appropriate frequencies as part of their HACCP system.

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You can make a complaint about food or a food business by using our online form or by phone on 0141 287 1059.

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