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Temperature Monitoring Guidance for Food Businesses

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Why is temperature control important?

Harmful bacteria can be present in many foods handled in food premises. These bacteria can be destroyed (or reduced) by cooking or reheating foods. Growth of these bacteria can also be controlled by keeping food cold or hot.

Why do we need to monitor and record temperatures?

It is a legal requirement and an essential feature of any Food Safety Management System that food temperatures both hot and cold be monitored.

Fridges/ chilled deliveries should be 5oC or below

Freezers/ frozen deliveries should be -18oC or below

Cook foods to 75oC or above

Keep food hot at 63oC or above

Reheat foods to 82oC or above

A digital probe thermometer will help you accurately monitor temperatures. It is also recommended that sterile wipes be provided for use with the thermometer.

What documents are available to use for recording temperatures?

Documents can be downloaded and used in your Food Business alternatively you may also wish to visit the Food Standards Scotland website where you can download a copy of the Cooksafe or Retailsafe food safety management system and associated temperature recording forms.

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