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Glasgow City Council

Annual Accounts

What is it?

Our annual accounts have been compiled in accordance with the Code of Practice on Local Authority Accounting in the United Kingdom and include:

  • Movement in Reserves Statement, which summarises the movement in the different reserves that we hold.
  • Comprehensive Income and Expenditure Statement, which shows income and expenditure incurred in the year.
  • Balance Sheet, which represents the value of our assets and liabilities as at 31 March.
  • Cash Flow Statement, which details the changes in cash and cash equivalents during the year.
  • Council Tax and Non-Domestic Rates income accounts, which show the taxes and rates collectable by us.
  • Common Good and Sundry Trusts and Funds accounts.
  • Group accounts, which consolidate our annual accounts with those of our subsidiaries and associates.

Current Annual Accounts and Audit Report

pdf icon 2022-23 [2Mb]

pdf icon 2022-23 Audit Report [1Mb]

Archived Annual Accounts and Audit Reports

pdf icon 2021-2022 [2Mb]

pdf icon 2021-2022 Audit Report [370kb]

pdf icon 2020-21 [1Mb]

pdf icon 2020-21 Audit Report [378kb]

pdf icon 2019-20 [1Mb]

pdf icon 2019-20 Audit Report [759kb]

pdf icon 2018-19 [1Mb]

pdf icon 2018-19 Audit Report [763kb]

pdf icon 2017-18 [1Mb]

pdf icon 2017-18 Audit Report [1Mb]

pdf icon 2016-17 [2Mb]

pdf icon 2016-17 Audit Report [1Mb]

pdf icon 2015-16 [1Mb]

pdf icon 2014-15 [1Mb]

pdf icon 2014-15 Audit Report [284kb]

pdf icon 2013-14 [2Mb]

Strathclyde Pension Fund

The Strathclyde Pension Fund Office annual report is available on the SPFO website (up to 2009-10 this was included in our annual accounts).




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