Air Quality

Good air quality is essential for our health, quality of life and the environment. Air becomes polluted when it contains substances which can have a harmful effect on the environment and our health.

Air Quality Monitoring

We operate a large range of automatic and non-automatic monitoring equipment in various parts of the city.

We own and operate eight automatic monitoring stations. These monitor a variety of pollutants including nitrogen dioxides, particulates, carbon monoxide and also ozone.

In addition, we act as Local Site Operators on behalf of the Scottish Government for a further four automatic air quality monitoring sites in Glasgow. These are located on Hope Street, Great Western Road, Townhead and High Street.

The Scottish Government has established a web site, Scottish Air Quality Archive, which gives real time information on air quality at any of the automatic monitoring stations in Glasgow. Follow this link to a page showing the various monitoring sites in Glasgow with graphical representations of the most recent monitoring data.

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