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Glasgow City Council

Air Pollutant Levels

Glasgow operates a network of automatic air quality monitoring stations providing detailed information on pollution levels throughout the city. The table below shows the maximum pollutant levels recorded at each station over the most recent 24 hour period. More information on each site, including real time data, can be found using the link below.

Maximum Pollutant levels recorded for the 24 hour period
up to 7am Fri 20 Mar 2020

N/M means that the pollutant is not measured at that site

N/A means that no data were recorded for the period

City of Glasgow


8 Hourly Mean


Hourly Mean
Nitrogen dioxide


max 15min mean
Sulphur dioxide


24Hour Mean



24Hour mean

(µgm-3Grav Equiv)

Glasgow Abercromby StreetN/MN/MN/MN/MN/A
Glasgow AnderstonN/M63 (Low 1)N/MN/AN/A
Glasgow BroomhillN/MN/MN/M5 (Low 1)12 (Low 1)
Glasgow Burgher St.N/M55 (Low 1)N/MN/M15 (Low 1)
Glasgow Byres RoadN/M56 (Low 1)N/M7 (Low 1)17 (Low 2)
Glasgow Dumbarton RoadN/M70 (Low 2)N/M6 (Low 1)18 (Low 2)
Glasgow Great Western RoadN/M53 (Low 1)N/MN/MN/M
Glasgow High StreetN/M71 (Low 2)N/M7 (Low 1)29 (Low 2)
Glasgow KerbsideN/M73 (Low 2)N/MN/MN/M
Glasgow Nithsdale RoadN/MN/AN/MN/AN/A
Glasgow Townhead57 (Low 2)60 (Low 1)N/M5 (Low 1)12 (Low 1)
Glasgow Waulkmillglen Reservoir63 (Low 2)32 (Low 1)N/M4 (Low 1)8 (Low 1)


Air Pollution Forecast

Air pollution forecast until 1pm Fri 20 Mar 2020

Urban Agglomeration

In towns and cities
away from busier roads

In towns and cities
next to busier roads

Glasgow Urban Area

2 (Low)

2 (Low)


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