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Trading Standards

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What is it?

Trading Standards aim to protect consumers whilst ensuring businesses operating in Glasgow comply with consumer protection legislation.

The priority for the service is to ensure that the public are protected from unsafe goods and that both consumers and business are protected from unscrupulous business practices.

Trading Standards Enforcement

The enforcement of trading standards laws is carried out in a variety of ways:

  • We visit trade premises including manufacturers, retailers and importers. These visits are programmed according to a risk assessment.
  • We ensure that weighing and measuring equipment is accurate and is used properly, goods are safe and correctly labelled, prices are displayed and descriptions used are true.
  • We test and sample goods and services for safety, description and quantity.
  • We carry out special projects and operations to deal with rogue traders and specific problem areas.
  • We investigate alleged breaches of criminal legislation.

We deal with general trading standards enforcement, which includes:

  • Prices
  • Unfair Trading
  • Weights and measures
  • Consumer product safety
  • Counterfeiting
  • Age restricted products

We also deal with a number of specific areas of enforcement, including:

  • The supply and servicing of motor vehicles
  • The supply of fertilisers and animal feeding stuffs
  • The supply and storage of petrol, diesel and other motor fuels on filling stations
  • The storage and supply of fireworks and other explosives
  • The supply of tobacco products to underage people as well as tobacco advertising

Need business advice?

We provide an advice service to Glasgow based businesses. We give advice on consumer and business legislation relating to Trading Standards, how it relates to you and how it may affect specific matters concerning your work. The advice will help you ensure your business is complying with its legal responsibilities and obligations.

You can get  a tailored business advice pack by answering a few questions on our website click here to build your business advice pack or if you have a specific enquiry please contact us by using our enquiry form.

Need consumer advice?

Consumer advice for Glasgow residents is provided by our partners, Advice Direct Scotland.

Alternatively you can view our self-help guides for advice on a range of consumer issues such as help with resolving disputes and pre shopping advice.

You can find details of your local Trading Standards at The Chartered Trading Standards Institute Website.


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