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Buildings at Risk

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Important Information

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What is it?

A Building at Risk is usually a Listed Building or a building located in a Conservation Area which is vacant and/ or in poor condition.

Risk Register

The national Buildings at Risk Register for Scotland is maintained by Historic Environment Scotland.

National Buildings at Risk

Glasgow has over 100 buildings on the national Buildings at Risk register, the reasons behind this statistic include:

  • Market failure.
  • Negative equity with owners having bought property at the height of the market and the property has subsequently lost value.
  • Lack of access to funds for restoration.
  • Land assembly and/or blight.
  • Untraceable owners.
  • Structural or fabric problems beyond means of owners to rectify.
  • Infrastructure, social, economic and demographic shifts e.g. Schools closures in areas of lower catchment, hospital rationalisations, church redundancies.
  • Reduction in local authority budgets.

Our Role

We have a role to accumulate an accurate picture of the numbers and causes of Buildings at Risk, to engage with owners and third parties, to seek solutions and to guide Council procedures in terms of taking action on this subject.

For information on action to take if a property you own becomes vacant, please see the links below:-

To find out if you are in a conservation area or your property is listed view the Property Search register.

If you suspect that any building poses a danger to the public, please report this to Building Standards Service using the details found Dangerous and Derelict Buildings.


Contact Planning

  • Duty Officer
    Phone 0141 287 6060
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