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Antonine Wall Management Plan

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What is it?

Thirty year vision for the future of the Antonine Wall

A five year plan for the Antonine Wall World Heritage Site was launched in 2014 providing a framework for the management, conservation, promotion and interpretation of the Wall.

The Vision

The plan initially set out a 30 year vision for the site which built upon the significant progress that had been made to protect and promote it since nomination as a World Heritage Site in 2008.

This ensures that the Antonine Wall is suitably managed to safeguard its outstanding universal value.  It seeks to establish the wall as a world class visitor experience and a focus to realise sustainable benefits economically, socially and environmentally for locals and visitors alike.

From this vision, a number of shorter term goals for the next five years were drawn out which includes: 

  • strengthening local, regional, national and international partnerships;
  • increasing the provision of digital resources, including a new website;
  • improving signage, paths and interpretation and strengthening links between museum collections and physical sites.
  • it also focuses on communities and those who are interested in the roman wall, with a number of projects being delivered with the local community and in education.


The Partners who deliver the Management Plan:

  • Historic Environment Scotland (HES)
  • Glasgow City Council
  • East Dunbartonshire Council
  • Falkirk Council
  • North Lanarkshire Council and
  • West Dunbartonshire Council

They have been working jointly to deliver collaborative projects but also individually to ensure the social, cultural and economic potential of the Wall is realised in their local areas.

The Antonine Wall in Glasgow Video

As part of the collaborative work on the Rediscovering the Antonine Wall Project a new film called Antonine wall: a 37 mile landmark has been produced. As part of the commissioned work individual short films have been produced for the five local authority areas along the length of the wall. 


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