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Core Paths Plan

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What is a Core Paths Plan?

Under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, every local authority in Scotland is required 'to draw up a plan for a system of paths ('core paths') sufficient for the purpose of giving the public reasonable access throughout their area'.

The aim of Glasgow City Council's Core Paths Plan is to ensure that important paths and routes are recorded and promoted, helping to achieve a "connected Glasgow" where residents and visitors can move easily around the path network on foot, by bike, by horse or any other non-motorised means - including 'water paths' for rowers, canoeists and other non-motorised water users. Everyone using core paths must follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and behave responsibly by 'respecting the interests of other people; caring for the environment; and taking responsibility for their own actions'.

There is no defined standard for a core path - it can be anything from a grassy path through open space to a tarmac footway. Whilst each core path may not be suitable for all users, the overall core paths network in Glasgow provides opportunities for everyone.

How was the Core Paths Plan drawn up?

The development of the Core Paths Plan was based on information gathered through various methods about where people liked to walk, cycle, horse-ride and enjoy other outdoor activities. The research also indicated where new routes and path improvements might be needed. In addition we considered how core paths could be used to help landowners and land managers to manage public access on their land.

The Council carried out two phases of public consultation on its draft Core Paths Plan (CPP). These consisted of an informal consultation, where people were asked to comment on early ideas for a paths network; and a final, statutory consultation, during which people could submit further comments or lodge formal objections to an updated version of the draft Plan.

A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) was also carried out and the Environmental Report can be viewed below. A post-adoption statement will be completed and available to view here in due course.

The Core Paths Plan maps and user information

Use the following links to view essential user information, core paths maps and route descriptions.

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