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Parental Involvement

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Parental Involvement Strategy 2015 - 2017

Currently under review by the Council & Glasgow City Parents' Group (GCPG)

We have a strong relationship with parents and carers in Glasgow. We recognise the vital role that parents and carers play in the education of their children and the life of our schools. This strategy will set out the ways in which the Council will support and encourage parental involvement in children's learning and the work of our service. 

It will build on the work done since the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act was introduced in 2006. 

The current Parent Involvement Strategy is being discussed and reviewed with the help of Glasgow City Parents Group, along with further consultations planned with parents/carers and parent councils.

Glasgow City Parents' Group 

Glasgow City Parents' Group (GCPG) are a group of parental volunteers who advocate on behalf of school parent councils. They work closely with GCC Education Services and other departments. They also work in partnership with the National Parent Forum of Scotland, representing the view and concerns of Glasgow parents and carers through consultation.

GCPG regularly hold online information sessions and webinars to support parents and carers with their child's learning and wellbeing. These sessions are advertised through their social media channels and recordings can be found on YouTube here.

You can contact them by email at

Or via their social media channels





Parent Councils

We have Parent Councils in almost all schools. They have a key role to play in promoting more parents to become involved in the life of the school and their child's learning. Glasgow City Council aims to have a Parent Council in every school.  The support offered includes:

  • Help for parents who wish to set up a Parent Council
  • Support and guidance with local issues
  • Financial support
  • Insurance cover for events
  • A training programme that supports Parent Council members in their role

Specific training to allow Parent Council members to be involved in the recruitment of head teachers and deputes

Promoting parental involvement at school level

All staff and parents should work in partnership to develop appropriate opportunities for effective parental involvement in the learning of children and young people. This partnership working should continue to seek new ways of encouraging and developing parental interest, leading to more effective home-school communication.

  • Schools and parents work in co-operation to ensure that parental involvement in the life of the school is positive, purposeful and mutually supportive
  • Schools and parents work in partnership in shaping the school's vision, values and aims
  • All information which impacts on a child's education and learning is shared effectively between parents and schools
  • Learning at home is valued by schools and parents and designed to ensure partnership working supports that learning
  • Decision making opportunities provide appropriate contexts to enable the views of parents to inform positive outcomes

Taking the strategy forward

An action plan will be prepared in consultation with parents and school staff to ensure that our strategy makes a difference. Occasional surveys and focus groups will be used to monitor progress of the plan. The strategy will be reviewed on an annual basis.

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  • Phone 0141 287 4047

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