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Glasgow City Council

Welfare Rights and Debt Advice

What help can I get from the Welfare Rights Team?

The Welfare Rights and Money Advice Service provides:

  • benefits advice and money advice to front line social work staff to help service users
  • direct support to service users in more complex cases
  • a comprehensive income maximisation service for home care and day care service users
  • representation for any residents of Glasgow at Social Security Appeal Tribunals

The team also:

  • provide information and training to council staff, voluntary organisations and to colleges/universities within the city of Glasgow
  • provide training events covering Income Support, Pension Credits, Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payments, Employment and Support Allowance , Scottish Welfare Fund, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Reduction Scheme, Immigration and Asylum, and Money Advice
  • participates in working groups and forums to address the issues arising from welfare reform
  • work in partnership with housing associations in Glasgow to prevent the eviction of vulnerable people within the city


Where is my local welfare rights officer based?

Welfare rights officers are based in local social work offices. In addition there is a central unit that provides training, tribunal representation and debt advice. If you already get advice and support from social work office then you should contact your local social work office and ask for advice.

If you don't get a service from social work then you need to contact the Glasgow Advice & Information Network (GAIN).

How do I get welfare rights officer to help me with an appeal against a benefit decision?

If you are a Glasgow resident then you can be represented by one of our Welfare Rights Officers. If you have not already indicated on your appeal letter or SSCS1 form that you are to be represented by the City Council Welfare Rights you will need to complete a mandate form.

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