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Guidance for Land Owners

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This programme is now closed.

What is it?

Glasgow's City Plan 2 promotes the use of temporary greening of land awaiting development.

If you are the land owner of a site with development not scheduled to take place in the near future (more than six months), then temporary landscaping could be a solution to stop your land from lying vacant and enhance the area.

Benefits for land owners

Some of the benefits for the land owner can be:

  • A range of opportunities available through Stalled Spaces projects that could improve the land without jeopardising any future development plans.
  • The site is looked after and basic maintenance done. It will be in better condition by the time development is scheduled.
  • The site is made secure through community involvement.
  • An improved public image, allowing temporary projects benefits the local community.
  • Temporary projects can improve the value and quality of an area as well as the site's attractiveness for future development.

Glasgow City Council is willing to assist land owners/developers with any proposed temporary use of their site which would be of benefit to all.

If you have had any queries from interested parties/groups regarding your land or would like to discuss the potential of your site please contact Stalled Spaces.

Contact Stalled Spaces

  • Phone 0141 287 8555
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