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Legal Agreements

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This programme is now closed.

What is it?

A legal agreement between the applicant and the site owner stating the basis for the temporary use of the stalled or under utilised open space should be created.

Legal agreement

Once both parties (applicant and land owner) have agreed on the permission to use, a legal agreement should be created.  A few pointers for this agreement are given below:

  • The agreement should not be intimidating or over bureaucratic and should be no more than a double side of A4.
  • A location plan, clearly outlining the site should be included.
  • The agreed period of use should be clearly stated with the option of reducing or extending the time-frame if needed.
  • Period of notice required for vacating the site should also be contained within the legal agreement.
  • The agreement should state that both parties understand that the use of the land is only for a temporary period and the site would have a different permanent use long term
  • Any conditions regarding use of the site, responsibilities, maintenance or liability should be explicitly stated

Examples of a legal agreement

Two examples of a legal agreement's are available below:

For further information on this, follow the link to 'Moving On'.

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